Meet McDonald "Don" Worley; An Attorney for The People
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Meet McDonald "Don" Worley; An Attorney for The People

Thursday, March 12, 2020 4:10 PM
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SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2020 / Law is a noble profession. It attracts people who thrive on the right mix of challenge and altruism, those who want to make helping people the primary way for them to earn a living. This type of career also attracts people who have experienced injustice and inequality in the past. As an attempt to right the wrongs in the world in any way they can.

It is therefore not surprising than noted attorney Don Worley also came from an unprivileged background. Hard work, determination, and drive got him to where he is today. Read on to know how Don Worley built his successful law practice from the ground up and what motivates him to deliver the best results for his clients today.

Don Worley: From Humble Beginnings to a Top-Notch Law Firm

Worley was a working student throughout high school, university, and law school. He even moonlighted as a comedian while building his fledgling law practice, leveraging the exposure that he was getting into meeting more clients. While previous experiences working for a trial attorney and a judge helped him hone his skills right after law school, it was his drive to build his firm that pushed him to work harder than the young lawyers he knew.

Worley didn't graduate from an Ivy League law school, but he had the experience, he was good, and he wanted to help people. Today, his law firm handles 30,000 clients from all over the country, and he hopes to expand to other cities in the coming years to serve more people. Of course, this means overcoming many obstacles, such as the need for capital to fund a large law firm. Since his practice is contingency-based, his firm needs ample capital to open another office before he can start winning cases and earning fees. Fortunately, these challenges only drive him into doing more, which he credits to having the right mindset, and knowing that advocating for others is his purpose.

What Makes a Business Successful: Mindset and Purpose

Worley knew that opening his law practice meant that he had to go all in. He worked without a safety net all his life. This lack of comfort meant that he had to face each challenge with the willingness to give 100%. For him, having the mindset of success or nothing meant that he had to be ready to burn ships so that failure becomes a harder prospect to face.

However, the purpose is also an equally important consideration. Don knew that becoming a lawyer was what he wanted to do since he was a teenager. Knowing that a profession is your calling is essential because passion can help push you through the tough times. He also wanted his business to open doors for the people who worked for him-expanding his influence so that he can help his employees and their families are one of the most rewarding results of his legal practice.

A Cut Above the Rest: Top-Notch Customer Service

What makes the McDonald Worley Law firm a cut above the rest lies in how it treats its clients. Worley takes pride in the top-notch customer service that the firm is known for. This means providing timely and regular updates to clients, being easily accessible by phone, email or text, and being visible. The firm is also about to roll out an online platform where clients can check for status updates on their cases any time during the day, eliminating the need to wait for a face-to-face meeting with their lawyers.

Dedication to quality legal assistance and its focus on responsive and intuitive customer service is what makes the McDonald Worley firm one of the highly-regarded personal injury law firms in the country. This go-getter mantra is also the reason why Worley is regarded as one of the best trial attorneys in his field and a prime example of the fruits that come out of hard work, grit, and purpose.

Humble beginnings shouldn't stop you from achieving what you want in life. Worley didn't have anything handed to him. What he had was something more significant, the work ethic and the determination needed to overcome his beginnings and make something of himself. With hard work and the right purpose, you too can find your purpose in life, a calling that allows you to fulfill your highest goals while helping others.


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