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How Alix Burton Survived the Odds To Own ‘Good Energy Worldwide’-The #1 Training Portal In The Transportation Industry

Thursday, March 12, 2020 11:15 AM

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2020 / Most of the time, people fear to venture into new territories because they lack expertise or good role models to work with. However, Alix Burton proves that failure isn't always tied to the two factors, namely role models and experience. He shows that it's possible to work hard, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and become successful. The fact that he made it without coming from a wealthy family or having someone to hold his hand through the entire journey to success is a motivation for many people who wish to do the same.

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Alix At a Glance

From an early age, Alix Burton wanted to start his own business and help create employment opportunities for other people. This passion is what drove him to begin his first trucking business. However, he soon realized that things weren't going to be as easy as he thought when his expenses became more than his income. The lack of profitability led to the closure of that business, but that didn't kill his dream. Despite having no experience in the trucking business or any people he could look up to in that industry, he was convinced that that was the industry he would venture in. He took note of the factors that led to his failure the first time and used them to prepare for the success of the second business venture, which proved fruitful.

In 2013, the guru started his own trucking company- Good Energy Worldwide. Alix has since been able to grow his business to a fleet of over ten trucks. Besides, he also offers dispatching services and a consultation platform that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to begin their own trucking company.

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Lessons to learn from Alix Burton

The journey that Alix Burton has gone through provides several lessons to aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of these lessons are:

  • Success is not final; failure is not fatal
    One of those lessons is never to expect to get it right the first time, especially when it's unfamiliar territory. Sometimes you can have the passion and the willingness to work hard, but those may not be enough to guarantee your success. Alix had the dive and the desire, but he still failed the first time. Instead of giving up, he used failure as a stepping stone ad that is another lesson. Never give up, no matter how many times you have to repeat it or how long it takes.
  • Believe In Yourself
    Another lesson from Alix Burton is to believe in yourself. He didn't have any specific role models to guide him, but he still made it. Even though accepting help from others is sometimes essential, believing in yourself allows you to overcome all obstacles that may come your way, especially when those people cannot come to your rescue.
  • Diversify Your Skills
    Not having the specific skills for the industry you're venturing into doesn't mean you cannot use skills that you have acquired in other areas of your life effectively. Before starting a business, Alix Burton worked as a club promoter. Through that, he was able to gain leadership skills, patience, and communication skills, which he used in the trucking business.

Why Choose Good Energy Worldwide?
Alix Burton is today the founder and owner of Good Energy Worldwide- the home of the #1 training portal in the transportation industry. The company generates over six figures per month in profits. He doesn't just work in the trucking industry, although that's his primary sector. He also motivates and teaches other people how to become successful in the trucking industry. His story is one that continues to be an inspiration to numerous people, and that's mostly because of the way most people can resonate with it.

GOOD ENERGY WORLDWIDE, Thursday, March 12, 2020, Press release picture

Final Thoughts
Hook up today and experience a difference with Good Energy Worldwide. Alix's digital courses will help you start your own trucking company. Also, you will be able to become a dispatcher or start your dispatching company with the dispatch mastery course that the company offers.

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