MXC SpaceM - An Innovative marketing scheme launched by MXC
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MXC SpaceM - An Innovative marketing scheme launched by MXC

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 9:00 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 10, 2020 / According to media reports, MXC Exchange recently announced that it would upgrade the MXC Labs into MXC SpaceM for the project's first listing on exchanges. The first project on SpaceM would be JUSTNetwork (JUS), and the trading for JUS/USDT pair would be opened at 20:00 (UTC+8), March 3.

From its announcement, we can learn that SpaceM rolled out by MXC is a marketing channel for listing projects, where MX Token holders can get the project token at a discounted price. Meanwhile, its official announcement specially noted that SpaceM is only available for some countries and regions.

In a statement, MXC expressed that "SpaceM is essentially an optimized listing model, an innovation for the marketing of projects." SpaceM offers the wide market, large traffic and ecosystem possessed by MXC Exchange for highly-potential blockchain projects, hoping to give a push for their healthy development. The loyal MX token holders have the privilege to join the new-listing activity on SpaceM for preferential price.

What Does MXC Exchange Intend for by Launching SpaceM?

Crypto investors must have realized that MXC Exchange gains more exposure on various media as its innovative ETF products obtain momentum in recent two months. Under the backdrop, MXC rolls out SpaceM at this time point added to the brand-promotion efforts.

Furthermore, rolling out SpaceM at the time only 70 days away from the third-time BTC halving where, the investor often believes, halving accompanies bullish market is not only a way of catching the momentum but also an innovation.

The Market Never Short of Money but Innovative Methods

In the stock market, the subscription for new stock is so popular among investors that the number of participants is far beyond the crypto investors under the same model. Therefore, we can learn that "the market is never in short of money but innovative methods that attract users to invest."

A rich-experienced investor who prefers to be anonymous said, "The demand and supply determine the price - the halving of BTC decreases the supply, while the new-listing activity on SpaceM increases the demand. As a result, the innovative method for investors will bring in a large amount of capital."

On the other hand, as SpaceM is accepted by more users besides the popularity of leveraged ETFs, MXC Exchange is more confident in its ecosystem development.

SpaceM - Selecting High-quality Projects for Users

There's never lacking projects in the blockchain industry, but the good ones are rare, so it's always hard for users to select a high-quality and delicate project to invest. Fortunately, some dedicating teams keep focusing on developing high-quality projects, introducing innovative ideas and business models, which will surely bring revolutionary change for the industry in the future.

The mission of MXC SpaceM is to discover these highly-potential projects for investors with its strengths in the industry. Though MXC has accumulated some successful experience in 2019, there remain huge challenges in 2020 with more uncertain factors emerging at the beginning of the year. The launching of SpaceM is a conducive exploration and an important step in its ecosystem layout.


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