Industry Trends:Smartphone Technology Innovation Forecast in 2020s
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Industry Trends:Smartphone Technology Innovation Forecast in 2020s

Thursday, March 5, 2020 10:55 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 5, 2020 / 2019 is "a year of challenges and chances" for smartphone industry, for that although shipments of several smartphone manufactures is keeping increasing, the overall smartphone market encounter the continues decline of shipments globally[1]. Given this dynamic, smartphone industry is hungry for more and further technology innovation to stimulate users' demands and the market vitality. Recent 2 years have witnessed the great brand-new features such as the beginning of 5G technology, foldable screen, etc. Though these new features may not seem that mature yet, they are establishing foundation and clarifying direction for smartphone in 2020s.

Stepping into 2020s, the world has now stepped into a new era of smartphones with further technology innovation and better functions. Here we estimate 7 trends that are worth expecting for smartphone industry:

  • More Screen Forms and Higher Screen Proportion

Most of the smartphone companies have brought out phones with full screen. There's no denying that full screen does have advantages, especially for the outlook, which gives smartphone a more stunning visual effect and more outstanding screen display. The design of full screen, to some extent, drives the creative development of smartphone industry.

Dot-in/punch-hole display and no-notch display will probably be the dominate design in 2020. Compared to monobrow-notch and water-drop notch display, dot-in/punch- hole display is more aesthetic and visual-friendly. This design could optimize the screen ratio up to 95%. No-notch display is newly introduced to the market and it has the relatively highest screen ratio. It works through the pop-up camera on the top of the phone, which might be the main strength in 2020 for the middle-and-high end price product.

  • 5G Smartphones Get into Market

2020 is considered as the ‘first year' of 5G communication, and the revolution it would bring will be the cause of both the rewarm and restructure of this industry. 5G market would be a huge trend for mobile terminal companies and the trend would even reach down to smartphone with main stream prices. The amount of output would lead the amount of 5G network user. Also, from the aspect of business communication, 5G will play an important role to improve the communication circumstance. 2020s will witness more 5G phones getting into the market and accepting users' test.

  • Super High Definition Improvement

The smartphone users would never stop their pursuit in super-HD camera. The commercial use of 5G will definitely boom the social media in further way, which has become one important part of modern life. People spend much more time on social media than ever before, not only do they fond of receiving new visual messages on social media, but also they are willing to share live moments on to the internet, photos specially, because of which people come up with needs for higher photo quality.

In the 2nd half of 2019, smartphone with 64M-pixcel rare camera has already come into sights. We can foresee that in 2020 this would be a new selling point for new product, with 80% of smartphone companies will bring out 64M-pixel smartphone.

With the development of 5G communication, more smartphone manufacturers will invest more into technology innovation to improve the pixels, there is no doubt that smartphone will enter into super high pixel era in 2020s.

  • Foldable Phone

The state of foldables in 2020 is on to a rising path as showcased at this year's CES especially foldable PC's. Limited by cost and technology, foldable smartphones have not been widely accepted by consumers. However, increasing screen size of technology products is always the trend and consumers' pursuit, foldable smartphones that combine large screen with portable phone size are undoubtedly the only evolutionary direction of the mobile phone industry in the future. Smartphone manufacturers are keeping trying different foldable phone form at present and it is expected to see new breakthrough in 2020s.

  • More Mature AI Application

Recent years, AI is everywhere and in every industry. AI application in smartphone never ends. Different from the change that screen display brought, AI technology could change user experience in a deeper phase, including improving the thinking, analyzing, sensing, and interacting mode of smartphones, which could all hasten a more powerful study ability for smartphones. Smartphone has taken a big step in AI functions like AI camera, AI scene recognition, AI voice interaction, Face unlock, etc. In 2020s, AI chip is expected to be employed more in smartphone and more AI functions will be developed and more mature.

  • Ultra-fast Charging Is More Necessary Than Ever

Endurance capacity is the new consider point when purchasing a smartphone. Modern people ‘can't live without their smartphone', so surely, the capacity of battery should be improved by ultra-fast charging to meet consumers' needs. This technology has tended to be mature in 2019. Companies has been working on it to shrink time for charging battery. For example, Huawei had its 40W and iQOO had 44W fast-charging and OPPO had 65W flash charging in 2019. Till now, it just takes less than 20 minutes to fully charge a smartphone with a 4000mAh battery, which shows that charging speed is more controllable.

In 2020s, ultra-fast charging will become the main tone. Afterall we now have 5G and 120Hz smartphones. This is the only way to catch up with the new trend of smartphones without changing the materials of batteries.

  • Processor Will Still Have Space for Improvement

There are still room for improving processor in 2020s in order to keep pace with other trends of smartphone industry. Graphics performance would be improved significantly. The success of Nintendo Switch, which is carried by the mobile facility with online games, shows that smartphone with high visual quality in games is popular among users. Also, the mobile chips have already overtaken simple CPU/GPU design and have go rather complex. Lastly, the 5G baseband would be set as a built-in part.

With the opening to the new era of smartphone industry, while some might think it is now a development bottleneck, we believe that with the development of core technology, smartphones and human beings will be a better combination. We feel confident about smartphone industry in 2020s by this brief analysis and foresee of it. We are looking forward to seeing the new strategy and products of all companies to the challenges and chances, with the core development of the technology that will satisfy customer's growing needs.


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