Discover Why Jeff Sekinger Is Inspiring This And Generations To Come
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Discover Why Jeff Sekinger Is Inspiring This And Generations To Come

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 1:50 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 3, 2020 / Jeff Sekinger owns a financial consulting business called that helps individuals and entrepreneurs leverage credit to create income and build long-term wealth. His goal is to help his clients save, make, and multiply their money in order to achieve financial independence.

Jeff has been investing since he was 16 years old. He majored in finance and worked for two different banks while attending the University of Kentucky. After graduating, he got a job in private wealth management, but soon realized that the corporate 9 to 5 life was not for him. Instead, he decided to start his personal brand and business while working his banking job. However, his employer rejected his outside business activity and told him he could not be speaking about finance on social media. That is when Jeff decided to quit his job and run his business full time.

"The first few months were not easy. I could barely afford rent and my debt was piling up. After two months of working every single day, I had my first 5K month and it has just exponentially grown since then!" Jeff says.

In just the past twelve months, Jeff has managed to serve over 1,000 clients, helping dozens create new businesses and income streams that allow them quit their jobs or scale their businesses all with the strategic use of debt financing. now has over 20 employees and is a multiple 7 figure business.

"The key component of my business is the use of strategic 0% interest credit to build passive income streams that generate income that exceeds our expenses, which by definition creates financial independence," Jeff adds.

Before he began his financial consulting business, Jeff was struck by how many people were living unfulfilling and uninspiring lives, working jobs they did not like just because they needed money. He saw this first hand in his own corporate job.

"Almost every single person hated Monday and adored Friday. I realized that work is such a large part of our lives so I asked myself: ‘Why would I live the majority of my life doing something I really didn't enjoy doing?'" he shares.

Jeff knew that entrepreneurship was the only way out of an uninspiring career so he wanted to help other people start their business ideas with the use of credit. First, Jeff focused on fixing his own credit, which allowed him to see all the opportunities that came with a good credit score. Then, he started to help others leverage this tool so they too could start living better, more inspiring lifestyles.

"It is incredibly important to understand that being successful is just living the life that you truly want. If I would not have trusted myself 12 months ago, there is no chance I would be even close to as happy as I am now," Jeff says.

With his businesses up and running, Jeff can continue to focus on his goal: to always act in the best interests for his clients. He believes in financial empowerment, which requires coaching and consulting. He teaches his clients how to strategically fund themselves 0% interest credit, which allows them to stay at 0% interest for 3-5 years so they can actually focus on the growth of their business without cutting their margins from interest expense.

"I like teaching people how to fish as my goal is to empower people to be financially free, not lock them in on high interest debt. I will continue to build a long-term brand based on value and impact because I care about that more than money," Jeff says.

In just 12 months, Jeff transformed his life. If you want to find out more about him and do the same, go here.

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