Huawei Launches FusionDC 2.0 Solution at Industrial Digital Transformation Conference
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Huawei Launches FusionDC 2.0 Solution at Industrial Digital Transformation Conference

Monday, March 2, 2020 4:45 PM
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SHENZEN, CHINE / ACCESWIRE / March 2, 2020 / Huawei launched FusionDC 2.0 at Industrial Digital Transformation Conference. Huawei FusionDC 2.0 adopts the concept of AI-Fusion, Building-Fusion, Component-Fusion, and Digital-Fusion to build future-proof data center facilities. FusionDC 2.0 takes prefabricated modular technology to standardize and quicken the data center deployment. It also provides future-oriented and elastic architecture to help data center respond to power density evolution.

Huawei FusionDC has helped dozens of MTDC customers construct their data centers quickly. Comparing to FusionDC, the previous generation, FusionDC 2.0 is upgraded in many domains. FusionDC 2.0 applies the smart modular fan walls to reshape the cooling system of data center. It also adopts the brand-new FusionPower 2.0 and SmartLi solution to the power system. With the design of One Floor One DC, (Every floor works as an independent running data center), FusionDC reshapes the architecture of prefabricated modular data center. Moreover, FusionDC 2.0 supports elastic power density upgrade from 6/8kW per rack to 12 kW per rack.

According to SanJay Kumar Sainani, the SVP & CTO of Huawei Global Data Center Facility Business, FusionDC 2.0 will help customer to build a simple, sturdy, smart, scalable and saving data center.

Data Center Facility Trends and Challenges

Data center infrastructure is essential to the future intelligent society. The rapid development of cloud computing and AI technologies will bring tremendous development opportunities and unprecedented challenges to the data center infrastructure. First, cloud and AI will generate huge demands for IT resources and drive the development of large and hyperscale data centers. 10 MW or even 100 MW data centers have emerged. Second, the power consumption of chipsets and servers will increase rapidly. The power density of single cabinet in the data center will jump from 3 to 5 kW to over 10 kW. Such increase will put subsystems of infrastructure under great pressure. Third, the data center architecture will adopt more standardized, prefabricated, and replicable design. Last but not least, artificial intelligence technologies will be widely used in data center infrastructure to unleash the potential of sub-systems and improve O&M efficiency.

FusionDC 2.0 Concept and Solution

FusionDC 2.0 integrates AI technologies, iPower, iCooling and iManager into the solution. These technologies will maximize the TVO of the data center. iPower transforms the passive alarm response to proactive warning, improving the reliability of power supply and distribution system of the data center. iCooling uses AI and deep learning technology to optimize the cooling system of data center precisely, reducing the PUE by 8% to 15%. iManager manages the data center infrastructure smartly, improving resource utilization by 20%. In addition, FusionDC 2.0 integrates prefabricated modular building technologies. All modules are prefabricated and pre-commissioned before delivery, which simplify on-site job and shorten the delivery time by 50%. Besides, FusionDC reshapes the power and the cooling system by integration of advanced power electronics and heat management technologies. The future-oriented solution also supports elastic density upgrade. Moreover, Huawei implements AI and digital technologies into the entire lifecycle of data center, like planning, construction, operation, O&M and optimization. Integration of digital technology with operation and maintenance make data center planning, design and construction visualized, simplify O&M and improve user experience significantly.

Achievement and Successful case

In prefabricated modular data center industry, Huawei keeps No.1 for five years consecutive in terms of global delivery units. According to the latest IHS market report, Huawei's reached 25% of total market share. FusionDC 2.0 has been applied to wide range of customers and industries worldwide. With features of short TTM, flexible expansion, high efficiency and simple O&M, FusionDC will definitely help customer with business success.


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