Huawei Unveils Industry's First Series of eAI ONTs, Marking New Smart Home Network Era
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Huawei Unveils Industry's First Series of eAI ONTs, Marking New Smart Home Network Era

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 2:45 PM
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LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2020 / At the Huawei products and solutions launch in London, Huawei unveiled the world's first series of ONTs OptiXstar V864/K654 with embedded AI (eAI). These products offer GPON/XGS PON gigabit access, intelligent service type identification, Wi-Fi 6 acceleration, and meshed full-home Wi-Fi coverage to provide a premium experience for home users. By using these products, operators can transform from pipe monetization to experience monetization, signaling a new era of smart home networks.

Huawei OptiXstar V864

In recent years, online education, online office, cloud VR, and gaming are approaching maturity. A number of analyst organizations have offered their forecasts on this trend. iResearch reports that in 2020 the number of online education users will reach 309 million. Futuresource estimates that by 2023 the number of VR devices will reach 168 million. Statistia expects half of broadband users to have gaming requirements. These services require high bandwidth, low latency, and stability. In order for cloud VR services to run optimally, bandwidth must exceed 530 Mbps, and latency must be lower than 50 ms. However, obstacles (walls) and neighboring signal interference can weaken signals, making it difficult for networks to deliver demanding services such as cloud VR.

Therefore, Huawei released the OptiXstar V864/K654 series eAI ONTs to provide users with an ultimate service experience and help operators launch value-added services with guaranteed quality, to increase their ARPU. Huawei eAI ONTs have the following advantages:

  • Zero frame freezing and ultimate game/video experience: The embedded AI chip can process millions of service packets per second and intelligently identify game, video, and download services. The SoC chip hardware forwarding and Wi-Fi 6 slicing features provide dedicated transmission channels for high-priority services. This reduces the end-to-end latency by more than 50% and ensures a smooth experience in high-priority services.
  • Full-home Wi-Fi coverage: Huawei's unique dual-beam antennas and Wi-Fi 6 power adjustment algorithm can intelligently increase signal strength. This ensures that coverage and bandwidth are sufficient for high-priority services even on hard-to-reach terminals. Unlike competitors' ONTs, Huawei's eAI ONTs increase signal strength by 30%, enabling Wi-Fi signals to penetrate one more wall. In addition, by implementing mesh networking, full-home Wi-Fi coverage can be achieved.
  • Bottleneck identification and experience improvement: By using AI to analyze big data of home networks, the iMaster NCE platform can intelligently identify home network bottlenecks to improve the service of operators and user experience. The platform visualizes network status, making it manageable and maintainable. It supports remote diagnosis and optimization to help operators improve troubleshooting efficiency, reducing home visits by 20%.
  • Green: The advanced power management (APM) mechanism supports intelligent hibernation and meets Europe's strict CoC v7 energy saving standard. Huawei ONTs also reduce power consumption by 20%, compared to other vendors.

Jeffrey Zhou, President of Huawei's Access Network Domain said, "Huawei's eAI ONTs inject AI into home networks for the first time. AI service acceleration can ensure a smooth experience in services such as online education, online office, cloud VR, and gaming. As a world-leading ultra-broadband solutions provider, Huawei is working with industry partners to guarantee premium service experience for home users and help operators succeed in the home network market by transforming from bandwidth monetization to experience monetization."

Global markets value Huawei's innovative home network products, which are used in many projects in the world. Currently, a project of 3BB Thailand has applied Huawei's eAI ONTs, helping 3BB build a home broadband network that offers a thrilling gaming experience. According to OVUM's global market share report on fixed network broadband access products released in the third quarter of 2019, Huawei's ONTs/ONUs occupied 35% of the global market share from the fourth quarter of 2018 to the third quarter of 2019 (rolling by four quarters), ranking first for seven consecutive years.

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