The Fetii App Is Going Viral
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The Fetii App Is Going Viral

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 8:00 AM
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The Fetii app has rapidly grown since its launch, with almost 10,000 users having had downloaded the app onto their mobile devices

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2020 / The Fetii app had entered the market and was available to download on the app store since late last year of 2019. Today, Fetii is rapidly becoming one of the most downloaded ride-sharing apps available. Rapidly nearing 10,000 users, Fetii has made its presence known and people can't seem to get enough of it. Fetii has become the go-to ride choice when it comes to large groups trying to get to their desired destination.

Fetii Early Stages

In the early stages, Fetii was a popular app amongst the younger demographics. Initially, Fetii was mostly used by college students and young adults within the ages of 18-24. Once word spread about the Fetii app, the age of the users using the app had expanded. Adults learned of the benefits that Fetii could provide to them. This included being able to easily book on-demand group transportation and get large groups from one destination to another together. Individuals also began to encourage their companies to use the Fetii app for corporate group rides. Companies have started using the Fetii app to book rides for their employees to company events, company training, and meetings. Currently, the Fetii app is being used by all ages and not just one specific age range.

What makes Fetii so special?

The rapid amount of growth that Fetii has experienced has left many people wondering, what makes Fetii so special? Fetii is not just a ride-sharing app, it is an on-demand group transportation app that offers the ultimate Fetii experience. Users are able to create memories by riding together and sharing moments they wouldn't have been able to create if they had ridden in separate vehicles. Fetii keeps the party going as their largest vehicle can hold up to 50 people. Riders of the Fetii vehicles can take their Fetii to any destination they wish. The most popular Fetii destinations include nightlife venues, concerts, weddings, sporting events, airports, and house parties. Fetii provides its users with experiences that no other app can offer to them.

Fetii App

If you haven't yet downloaded the app, it is encouraged you join in on the fun. The Fetii app is currently available to download on the App Store and Google Play. If you haven't seen the Fetii vehicles in your area yet, don't despair. Fetii is planning on expanding to major cities throughout the U.S. very soon. There have been so many positive reviews about how Fetii offers an experience like no other. It is highly suggested to people that have not downloaded the app yet, to experience it first-hand what Fetii users are raving about. As time goes by, Fetii is only expected to keep going viral and the numbers of downloads to continue to rapidly increase.

To join the hype or to learn more information about Fetii, download the mobile app or visit their website at

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