The New Mobiline App Uses Video to Help Users Decide If They Want to Answer Incoming Calls
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The New Mobiline App Uses Video to Help Users Decide If They Want to Answer Incoming Calls

Saturday, February 22, 2020 11:40 AM
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Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could see who was calling you as the phone was ringing? Not just your average caller id with a phone number or maybe even a name, but a video with the caller introducing themselves to you before you even answer.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2020 / MobiLine is a high definition, free video calling app that can be used for casual or business conversations. It's a simple, reliable, user-friendly app that will be available for IOS and Androids.

Using its patent-protected video caller I.D., MobiLine plans to help billions of smartphone users add face value to every call. This new app makes it easy to add a personal video invitation to every call. Founders of the New York startup believe their app will help smartphone callers make more live connections with family, friends and even customers. Call recipients will also benefit because they can see and hear what every call is about before they answer the phone.

MobiLine's video technology, "Know Then Answer," lets people learn the reason behind every call they receive. The choice to answer the call or not means highly relevant conversations, less time wasted by unwanted interruptions, spam calls, robocalls, and much more.

We've all seen video calling apps, new and improved caller-id apps with spam filtering, but MobiLine pushes past that simple caller to caller video chat and basic caller-id threshold by allowing users to search, explore and express with video, whether it's with their existing friends, family, and colleagues, or by carving out new friendships and business relationships within the MobiLine community.

By taking advantage of the MobiLine community, users can create a new friend connection or reach out to someone for a business opportunity through MobiLine. Cold calls are now a thing of the past, helping you to connect on a more personal level with a "break the ice" video users can view.

While the MobiLine app can certainly be used to enhance outbound phone calls to friends and relatives, the company's board advisers see it taking off in the business world as well, allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to record what is effectively a 15-second elevator pitch, moving the caller one step closer to closing a deal or making a sale.

Using what MobiLine calls a video introduction, you can record a brief video about yourself, who you are, what you do and what interests you. Then, choose a category for your introduction video, and assign a tag (hashtag) to that category. When you publish your video, you'll appear in this category. These videos are "public" which means they are visible for MobiLine community members to see, as they explore different categories looking to expand their friendships and business relationships.

"With apps like MobiLine ready to seize the faster internet brought on by 5G, our smartphones will become more important to all of us, and command more of our attention, than our TV's," said MobiLine CEO StasBorukhoff.

Whether you're a sales associate trying to close a deal with your hottest prospect or a grandmother eager to share important news with your family, you want to make the most out of your time. "How can you tell people - as you're calling them - that they should answer your call because of the importance, even urgency, of your message? MobiLine is the solution," said Borukhoff.

What makes MobiLine's video communication and social networking app so different from others? It is powered by Video Caller I.D. Their patented technology cuts down the unwanted interruptions and increases meaningful personalized connections. MobiLine is the only app on the market that lets the initiator of the call record a video invitation (up to 15 seconds) before starting a call and for the recipient to see and hear what the call is about before they decide to answer.

By merging a communications app and a social networking app, MobiLine is in uncharted territory creating a multifaceted interface for its users. MobiLineis a video communications platform for people who are looking for meaningful calls and connections through video. With so many useless contact requests and empty invitations on social networks and other apps, MobiLine is for people who seek more from their calls and video communications whether it is on a personal level or to scale up their business.

Whether you're Gen Z, a Millennial or Gen X, MobiLine is a safer way to discover people in different parts of the world. You can check out the new app on Facebook and the MobiLine website at

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