Irish Trader Zed Monopoly Shows How He Moved From Employee to a Financially Free Entrepreneur
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Irish Trader Zed Monopoly Shows How He Moved From Employee to a Financially Free Entrepreneur

Saturday, February 22, 2020 11:15 AM
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Known as ‘The Irish Wolf' among some of his fans and followers on social media platforms, Zed Monopoly shows how to live without compromising one's dreams and passions, by quitting his day job and finding a way to entrepreneurship through trading.

DUBLIN, IRELAND / ACCESSWIRE / FEBRUARY 22, 2020 / The world is increasingly recognizing the need for young people to embrace entrepreneurship at an early age. Zed Monopoly, was first featured on the Sun newspaper for turning his hard-earned savings into over six figures in just under 9 months trading the stock market by the age of 24. After graduating from college, he found himself depressed after being introduced to the 9-5 lifestyle. Took his savings and dabbled with the stock market after finding his edge over what he calls "The Roullete Table". Today you can find him on youtube with 45k+ subscribers and Instagram teaching his simple way of trading while also motivating others with videos he calls the "red pill".

Zed's journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur shows how a positive attitude is the most important mindset any millennial should have. Zed Monopoly Dublin, Ireland raised, saved €10,000 from his 9-5 jobs and finally had enough of working for someone else and while working a normal job is normal for many people, he simply wanted more out of life. So he found himself looking for answers on youtube and getting financially educated by reading books and watching mentors he had never met before for guidance on life and finances which is why he feels like people need to hear what he has to say due to the fact when he was in that "dark corner" no one was telling him what he needed to hear.

"Most people talk, few people do. I wanted to do something that would set me free, giving me the financial freedom to travel the world without having to worry about the expenses. People that I used to be around used to laugh and make fun of my vision and goals with life, but today I can laugh at them for not having one. When it comes to trading, one needs to simplify their trading, focus on the psychology of investors and traders, don't try to get fancy. The simpler your strategy the more effective it is, run it like a business" says Zed.

Investing and trading can be risky and volatility does scare a lot of people away from the markets, however, he says those who have detached themselves from the money can find themselves doing much better than others who trade with money they have attachment too, Zed has been mostly knowing on social media for his red pilled video's and easy to learn trading tutorials.

His net worth has exceeded the €250,000 he has made 2 years ago at this stage of his career which he did not disclose, "I can choose to retire today and I'll be Ok. Dreams do come true if you put your head down and work hard for them and disregard your surroundings, focus on one thing and one thing only, financial freedom. If you don't succeed at once, get your ass up and do it again until something sticks" explains Zed. He finds himself traveling every month to a different destination in Europe and America, at the end of the day this is the lifestyle he worked for, but he also finds himself getting motivated every day to get himself involved in other business ventures.

More details about Zed can be found on Youtube under the name "Zed Monopoly" or Instagram under the username "Simplyzedd".

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