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Albert Boufarah, Founder & President of SAMR Inc. Explains how SAMR Inc. Shifts to the Forefront of Solutions for Data Destruction

Friday, 21 February 2020 11:45 AM

LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / February 21, 2020 / SAMR Inc. a New Jersey-based electronics recycling & asset management company that has taken its commitment to consumer data protection to the next level: they have introduced an internal robotic solution designed to shred, crush, and separate components of a hard drive. Even more notable is how the machinery is capable of completing this process around 200 times per hour.

Albert Boufarah, founder & President of SAMR Inc., stressed that the company's missions have always been good stewardship of the environment along with ensuring the privacy of all consumer data, and this advancement is ultimately going to be a means to both ends for them.

"In an era where security of sensitive information is paramount, now more than ever we need to do our part to ensure data from going where it doesn't belong", Boufarah stated. "Our data destruction system reinforces our pledge to retain the trust of our loyal customer base, many of whom we have been working with for nearly 20 years".

The new system in question, known colloquially as Sammy around the company office, serves a number of important purposes for the Lakewood-based company. It has been put through hours of rigorous testing to assure both SAMR Inc. staff and those it services that delicate information found on the drives will never end up in the wrong hands. In addition, it extracts valuable metals from the drives that it dismantle, making the entire process more cost effective for all parties involved.

A crucial factor in SAMR Inc.'s long term success, Boufarah says, has been on making the company's services as affordable & accessible as possible. To that end, the company has implemented procedures that also include proper recycling of batteries, which includes metal extraction that offsets the cost of the whole process.

Through its use of Sammy along with dedicated personnel and a mutual passion for making the world a more sustainable place, SAMR Inc. is focused like a laser on being the place that towns, businesses, schools & other organizations alike turn to for all of their electronic waste & data management needs.


Albert Boufarah
[email protected]

SOURCE: Albert Boufarah

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