Burn The Ships addresses the unique needs of entrepreneurs in all stages of their businesses
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Burn The Ships addresses the unique needs of entrepreneurs in all stages of their businesses

Thursday, February 20, 2020 8:35 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2020 / As an entrepreneur, you know that creating and operating a business is a difficult yet worthwhile challenge to undertake, whichever stage in the business you're in. For younger entrepreneurs, the challenge is in recognizing and maximizing the potential within themselves and their businesses. After the initial stages, the challenge shifts to generating excess profits and establishing a culture that fosters development. The end goal of running a business, of course, is to provide the owner with a diversity of life options. Success at this stage can take on many forms: a sense of fulfillment, freedom to spend time and money however you want, and happiness. A big liquidity event or exit is an especially sweet sign of winning in business.

These three phases - Grow, Profit, Win - are the three focus areas of Burn The Ships. By outlining the step by step processes of how 9-figure companies are built, Burn The Ships expands on each of these phases and provides entrepreneurs with a proven roadmap to success. Those who have coupled their grit with this roadmap quickly created long-lasting company cultures and scaled their revenue, profits, and business value.

Burn The Ships offers three high-impact business scale programs to help entrepreneurs everywhere Grow, Profit, and Win in business. The specially designed programs address the unique and specific needs of business owners in various stages of their businesses. The three programs are a weekly live mentorship program, a unique online university curriculum that uses user-friendly videos, and business bootcamps that allow entrepreneurs a deep dive experience into the business roadmap. At Burn The Ships, there really is something for everyone.

The geniuses behind this crystal clear roadmap are Judge Graham and Matt Manero. The two founders understand that businesses can and do start and fail at an alarming rate. Along with their families, they have personally experienced the pain of having to fight through the daily grind. Their experiences have caused them to change and discover for themselves the lessons that the schools don't teach. Having started from the bottom, Judge and Matt have created, operated, and exited 9-figure businesses. Through Burn The Ships, they have made it their mission to show other business owners how to do the same.

The results of following the Burn The Ships roadmap speak for themselves. Industry titans have recognized the real results that real people have enjoyed through the inspiring and actionable guidance from Judge and Matt. Only at Burn The Ships is the language of business taught in an honest, passionate, and proven manner.

Forget about fake business gurus on social media who know nothing about making money by building businesses. Burn The Ships can help you fall back in love with your business, regain your life, and achieve financial freedom. For media inquiries please email Dillon at [email protected]

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