Bitcoin Trader Becomes #1 Trusted Crypto Trading Platform
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Bitcoin Trader Becomes #1 Trusted Crypto Trading Platform

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 5:45 PM
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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2020 / A recent survey, which included over 15,000 traders globally, has revealed that the automated cryptocurrency trading platform Bitcoin Trader, was voted as the most trusted platform online, allowing investors to benefit from AI-optimized decisions without lifting a finger.

There are many platforms online that claim to allow investors to trade cryptocurrency; however, a recent survey showed that sophisticated global investors use only a few of the tools. 87% of investors that have exposure to cryptocurrencies use the platform Bitcoin Trader for its simplicity and auto-trading functionality. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make decisions in nano-seconds allowing investors to utilize the set-and-forget functionality.

The software was developed using machine learning, and it scans hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency price movements daily. Based on this information and an extensive database of historical data, it can make predictions more accurately than a single individual. As a result, the tool knows the direction of the price movement before it happens in the market. Over 97% of the surveyed individuals named the automated advanced analysis function as the most impressive feature allowing them to gain profits daily.

In an interview with one of the investors, a new online trader from London, Paul Camden stated, "I have never traded online before, but I have read so many stories about everyday people making so much money trading Bitcoin. I wasn't one of those lucky ones who invested in Bitcoin when it first came out, but thanks to Bitcoin Trader, I am now able to make money trading this digital currency and other assets." Paul went on to explain, "When I first heard about Bitcoin Trader, I was a little hesitant. After I started using it, I quickly saw that it analyses the markets and even opens and closes my trades profitably. I started to understand just how effective it is. It also gave me a good insight into how the trading world works. I highly recommend Bitcoin Trader to anyone who wants to make profits trading Bitcoin."

We contacted one of the developers at Bitcoin Trader, Steven Lupen, and he explained the technology further, "We understand that market analysis is the core component of successful trading. You need to know what to trade and when. Based on this, we ensured that the algorithm of Bitcoin Trader was able to consider huge amounts of historical data and to apply it to the existing market conditions. We have also ensured that the market analysis happens quickly and accurately. Once the market conditions match the set trading parameters of the software, a trading signal will be released." Steven went on to say, "We were excited to hear that we had been recognized as the most trusted app in the crypto space. It makes all our hard work worthwhile, and now we are even more driven to make Bitcoin Trader even better."

About Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading software solution, designed specifically for the cryptocurrency markets. Its powerful and intuitive algorithm can quickly and accurately scan the financial markets and to find trading opportunities. With the automated functionality of this software, trades can then be opened and closed without any human intervention. The ease of use of the Bitcoin Trader platform makes it an ideal software system for both new and advanced traders.

If you would like more information about Bitcoin Trader, please visit here.

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