Ariel Gorelik is Revamping the Tobacco Industry
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Ariel Gorelik is Revamping the Tobacco Industry

Monday, February 17, 2020 10:30 AM
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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2020 / Ariel Gorelik is 33 years old, and the CEO and Founder of Mylé Inc. and Kylé Ltd. He was born in the Sheepshead bay area of Brooklyn, NY. Determination and persistence are a couple of defining qualities that landed his current success. Starting early, Ariel was a serial entrepreneur and a leader at a young age.

In 2013 he was searching for the next big industry and started doing research into new technology. Knowing cigarettes have been around for decades, he thought it was time for the tobacco industry to evolve like all the rest. This reasoning led Gorelik to start his first e-cig company which sold disposable flavored E-hookahs. This venture equipped him with knowledge on product development, customer trends, and price sensitivity within the e-cig industry. To gain a more detailed understanding, Ariel opened multiple vape shops in queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and NJ. This exposed him to the data he needed based on customer patterns that led eventually led to the creation of an e-cig brand which is now called Mylé. The technology developed at Mylé would then be applied to Mylé's sister company Kylé, which would develop a CBD brand.

Throughout Ariel's entrepreneurial journey there were many challenging times that would have discouraged others and perhaps even caused them to leave the industry. "Persistence, passion and personal belief in what I was doing encouraged me to continue on my path," states Ariel.

Through his teenage years Ariel ran a mobile Sprint store, a pharmacy, and a mortgage company. Currently, he's running both Mylé as well as Kylé, consistently focusing on expansion.

"As far back as I can remember, I have always had the urge to help others. Losing my mother Mila in 2016 to cancer was a devastating experience; I have firsthand witnessed her lifelong addiction to smoking, and no child should experience such a preventable loss. Losing my mother at such an early age became my driving force to improve the lives of others by offering alternatives for anyone who was a cigarette smoker," says Ariel.

Mylé was incorporated with the idea that they could create an ultimately superior alternative to smoking cigarettes. Liquidating his assets at the time, Gorelik went "all in" on this new venture which is now named Mylé in his mother's honor.

"Ideas are great, but execution is everything, a credo I live by. Having a plan to execute an idea, researching to ensure the idea comes to fruition, while analyzing the resources you have at your disposal -- all that requires composure, patience and commitment," states Ariel.

He also suggests that not every idea you may have can be executed effectively based on your current positioning, but being able to adapt your business is also critical lest you set yourself up for failure. Regulations, customer feedback, shelf life and marketability of a product are some key points that if not constantly monitored and reviewed responsibly can affect one's ability to execute a business plan successfully.

Once you have the key points settled, Ariel states that you should be focusing on supply chain, people, and infrastructure. Once opportunity is identified, production and product supply are essential. If your product starts selling and you cannot fulfill the demand, you damage your reputation, lose market share and offer your competitors a competitive edge. Secondly, the workforce. Business is only as successful as the people driving it, where employees are the most important part of any business. Then comes the infrastructure. Building a solid infrastructure requires significant resources, a knowledgeable team of professionals, as well as undivided focus in order to build inclusive, real-time and sometimes custom built ERP and CRM systems, handling all processes while providing clear visibility of the entire business model.

Using all of this knowledge, he differentiates himself from his competitors in the industry by having a paramount focus on safety, where lab testing and rigorous quality control measures are set in place to ensure each Mylé device meets their exact quality standards. An extended battery life, universal charging port, amazing Mylé nicotine flavors and smooth inhale are just some of the product attributes, setting Mylé up as the nicotine delivery system of choice for many people.

Like in most entrepreneurial journeys, it's about failing until you succeed, with Ariel being no exception to this rule.

"My biggest failure was when I opened up a toy store and believed I knew everything about the business since I was the one that opened that business. I refused to listen to guidance from an employee that had 10+ years in the toy industry. It taught me that as a CEO or business owner you must identify your weaknesses and own them. Hire help from people that can fill the gaps and can help your business grow," says Ariel.

Hard times eventually pass though, with his biggest success to date being Mylé. It's important to him, because the genesis of the company was very personal and his journey thus far with Mylé has proved that an idea that stems from personal passion can be brought to fruition. Nothing is impossible if your work ethic is there and so is your passion. As Audrey Hepburn once said, "The very word ‘impossible' actually states ‘I'm possible!'".

Looking towards the future, Ariel continues to strengthen his global footprint with strategic partnerships. Evolution of product and new product testing is integral to their businesses. He's proud to announce the recent launch of their CBD delivery system, Kylé, which has already received unprecedented success in the United States. It will soon be released in the UK, as well as other European countries.

Pioneering spirit, determination and perseverance - these are all the traits that resonate with Ariel's character and beliefs. His goal remains in helping people to improve their lives while offering alternatives for anyone, seeking ways to quit smoking. That will forever remain the driving force behind his vision.

"Never doubt yourself or your intuition when you have an idea that may help others. Be bold and passionate; be a leader not a follower. Everyone has it in themselves to lead. Look for the opportunities in life to improve the lives of others and good things will follow for all," concludes Ariel.

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