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Scott Zack reveals Detroit's place as a leader in sports

Thursday, 13 February 2020 02:00 PM

Oakland County business owner Scott Zack takes a closer look at Detroit's place as a leader in U.S. sports.

WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI / ACCESSWIRE / February 13, 2020 / Boasting a number of interesting and unique distinctions, and with three major sports venues in the city, Detroit, Michigan, has been a leader in U.S. sports for more than 80 years. A local business owner based in Oakland County, Scott Zack provides a closer look at Detroit's background as a sporting city.

"Home to Comerica Park, Ford Field, and Little Caesars Arena, Detroit boasts three major sports venues," explains Zack, speaking from his office in Oakland County, Michigan.

Comerica Park is home to the Major League Baseball team Detroit, while Ford Field is the home of the National Football League's Detroit Lions. "Little Caesars Arena, meanwhile, is home to the National Basketball Association's Detroit Pistons," adds Scott Zack, "as well as the National Hockey League's Detroit Red Wings."

One of only 13 U.S. metropolitan areas able to make the claim, Detroit is home to teams representing-professionally-the four major sports in North America - baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. "Furthermore, all four of these teams play within the actual city limits of Detroit," reveals Zack. This, he says, is a distinction shared with only three other cities in the U.S.

"An even more unique distinction still," Scott Zack goes on, "Detroit is the only city in the country to have all four of its major sports teams playing within its downtown district."

The city's sports teams, Scott Zack is keen to highlight, are no strangers to winning, either. The Detroit Lions, he reveals, have won four NFL titles, and the Detroit Pistons, three NBA titles. "The Detroit Tigers have also won four World Series titles," adds Scott Zack, "and the Detroit Red Wings, a total of 11 Stanley Cups - more than any other American National Hockey League franchise."

This marks titles in all four of the major professional leagues for Detroit's sports teams, according to the local business owner and sports fan.

Detroit is also a leader in college sports, according to Scott Zack, with the city's central location making it a frequent site for the Mid-American Conference's championship events. "Detroit is also home to Le Rouge," he adds, "the city's soccer team-Detroit City Football Club-founded in 2012."

As of 2020, so-called Motor City has now been a leader in U.S. sports for more than 80 years. "As far back as the mid-1930s, Detroit was often called the City of Champions," reveals Zack. This came, he says, after the Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings captured the three main professional sports championships at the time in just a matter of months.

Elsewhere, Zack reports that Eddie Tolan, from Detroit, won two gold medals at the 1932 Summer Olympics. "Four years later, the city's Joe Louis," he adds, wrapping up, "then won the heavyweight championship of the world title in 1937, further cementing Detroit's name, at the time, of the City of Champions."


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