Shajeel Rehman is Ready to Launch His "Red Lips Art" (Two Beautiful Red Souls Smile Together Forever)
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Shajeel Rehman is Ready to Launch His "Red Lips Art" (Two Beautiful Red Souls Smile Together Forever)

Thursday, February 6, 2020 3:15 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 6, 2020 / Shajeel Rehman is ready to launch his new masterpiece, "Red Lips Art." The event is going to take place in 2020. Paintings will be launched at one of the biggest art galleries in New York. Inspired by an incident over half a century ago, Red Lips Art is committed to promoting overall well-being for the feminine gender. The Red Lips Art is in the memory of those beautiful hearts that lost their lives in the hands of the accused Serial Lipstick Killer in Chicago. At the young age of seventeen, the murderer killed three beautiful hearts and wrote notorious messages scrawled in lipstick at the crime scene. Those messages inspired Shajeel ur Rehman to portray this phenomenon in his paintings.

When we asked him about what does he think about beautiful red lips? He said:

"Red lips represent women empowerment, beauty, fashion, love, and romance. The art is all about encouraging women of all ages by bringing a smile to their beautiful lips. It has a personal attachment to the eternal feminine. It has a way to decorate, beautify, and even celebrate femininity, but it had its consequences. The idea behind the art is to create contiguous and beautiful smiles. Red lips give encouragement and everything that a woman wants."

Red Lips Art appreciates the positive effect of red lipstick on women's confidence levels and assertiveness and depicts the exquisiteness of red lips through its art. Shajeel ur Rehman is dedicating this art to give back to humanity and promote a love for red lipstick as well as the ones wearing it. It boasts the symbol of an empowered woman and plays its role when expressing love. Red Lips represent the entire feminine community, which is why Red Lips Art focuses on it as its symbol. Women have often been oppressed in their long lineage of struggle for gender equality. Today, amidst a growing feminist awareness regimen, Red Lips Art stands strong to contribute to women of all ages.

In addition to empowering women and expressing love, red lips also give women a sense of belonging. Almost all women love to paint their lips red, and seeing other women doing so conveys the feeling of being in the same tribe. Women wearing red on their lips show their support for each other in their quest for equal rights and privileges. It adjoins them on a journey for self-perseverance and represents their sacrifices over a long journey of equality and fair treatment. Red Lips Art feels the need to beautify and celebrate women with its project. It feels the need to give back to society and turn people from lipstick killers to lipstick lovers.

May it be Cleopatra or Queen Elizabeth I, red has been the color of choice for many powerful women in world history. Red lipstick has been a symbol of feminine beauty and empowerment. It is the ultimate expression of beauty and fashion when it comes to women. Even In this day and age, it has not lost its charm and continues to reign supreme as the favorite lip shade for women on special occasions. It works like magic to make you feel inspired and in your element all over again. As compared with other lips colors, this one has remained firm in place as the ultimate sensational hue.

Shajeel ur Rehman is launching a grand event soon to celebrate femininity and empowering women through Red Lips Art. The design and style of the paintings portray the loveliness of red lips and red lipstick in all their glory. The event is a tribute to women all over the globe of all ages and throughout history who have been struggling for gender equality. It also aims to remove any negative perceptions about women wearing this lovely color on their lips. When it comes to dressing and makeup, red has typically been associated with the female gender throughout history and connotes warmth and passion. Red lips Art has its own history that has navigated its way back to the artist's heart. He wants to make a daring fashion statement and tell women in modern times to be confident and fearless. The contemporary artist perceives the Lipstick killer as a lipstick lover and has illustrated the negative concept of the lipstick killer in the most positive way possible to empower women.

So, join Shajeel ur Rehman in the celebration of femininity and female empowerment at the Red Lips Art event. For more details about the event, you can click on the link ( and get connected.


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Shajeel Rehman
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