17 Year Old Student Publishes Book After He Turned 53 Euros Into 32000 In 3 Weeks On The Foreign Exchange Markets
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17 Year Old Student Publishes Book After He Turned 53 Euros Into 32000 In 3 Weeks On The Foreign Exchange Markets

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 3:00 AM
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Seventeen year old student from Suffolk, United Kingdom, who is widely known for trading profitably and predicting large market movements, publishes trading manual on Amazon after turning a €53 trading account to more than €32,000 in just 19 days.

SUFFOLK, UK / ACCESSWIRE / FEBRUARY 04, 2020 / After studying the foreign exchange markets for over four years; Jonas Navardauskas, a young entrepreneur from Ipswich, Suffolk - who specializes in forex trading, publishes a book that aims to help beginner traders. Ever since he heard of traders making tens of thousands in weeks after the initial Brexit vote in 2016, Jonas started spending his time reading the highest rated books on investment, hundreds of articles regarding currency trading and learning from multiple paid courses, through which he has been able to consistently remain a profitable trader and build connections with other profitable traders from around the world.

One of these connections is a forex trader from Sweden, Fredrik, who challenged Jonas to see who can be more successful trading a €50 account, during the month of September in 2019. This is when Jonas traded the US30 (better known as the Dow Jones Index) and XAUUSD (better known as GOLD) during a time of international tension between China and the USA due to the trade war at the time. The extraordinary results he's been receiving were shared through the "Jonas .4x Trading" YouTube channel to empower aspiring traders.

"Following my record-breaking account growth of more than 60,000%, I've received hundreds of questions and enquiries on my social media accounts for more information and education to help others get better. Which became the motivation for me to start working tirelessly to finish the book ‘The .4x Trader's Manual' to be able to provide the education everyone wanted." explains Jonas about his new book.

Jonas started writing the book in May of 2019, and 8 months later it was ready to be published globally on Amazon, in January of 2020 - after juggling between studying for his A Levels, applying to University, responding to scores of social media messages and running the .4xTeam company.

According to Jonas, the key factor of the .4xTeam company is the free weekly financial market outlook for a currency pair or financial instrument (such as Crude Oil, Gold or US30) that are released to the public, and definitive price predictions are made based on a variety of factors - but often mostly on economic data releases, technical analysis, and longer-term market sentiment. At the time of writing, the team of traders at .4xTeam has released 40+ free weekly outlooks to help his weekly readers learn and profit from.

By taking advantage of legal loopholes in regards to cryptocurrency, Jonas was able to trade under the normal legal age of 18 and was able to put his 4 years of daily learning to good use. He says "I intend to continue studying the markets and bettering myself as a trader - with the end goal of moving into property investment in the future." concludes Jonas, revealing his passion to study finance & investment, and enjoying the experience there, once he finishes his maths, business, and further maths A-levels. More details about Jonas' journey can be found at: http://www.4xteam.co.uk

Media contact information:

Name: Jonas Navardauskas
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.4xteam.co.uk

SOURCE: Jonas Navardauskas

Jonas Navardauskas
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