Law Enforcement Agencies In Louisiana To Receive New Needle Incineration Device In An Effort To Protect First Responders From Needle Stick Injuries
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Law Enforcement Agencies In Louisiana To Receive New Needle Incineration Device In An Effort To Protect First Responders From Needle Stick Injuries

Thursday, January 30, 2020 9:00 AM
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East Baton Rouge, Terrebonne and Pointe Coupee Parishes First in the State to Receive the SANDD mini-FR™ Devices

LAFAYETTE, LA / ACCESSWIRE / January 30, 2020 / RedHawk Holdings Corp. (OTC PINK:SNDD) ("RedHawk" or the "Company") announced today the launch of The SANDD mini -First Responders™ (The SANDD mini- FR™), a cutting edge needle incineration device that has been developed specifically for first responders. The device will incinerate needles on location reducing the risk of first responders being injured by needles while on duty. Law enforcement agencies in the State of Louisiana parishes of East Baton Rouge, Terrebonne and Pointe Coupee are the first to receive The SANDD mini-FR™.

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Jerry Larpenter, one of the first in Louisiana to install the SANDD mini - FR™ into their patrol units, said, "I try to do everything possible to keep my deputies safe by giving them whatever equipment they might need. Our deputies and crime scene professionals come across needles all the time and the risk of getting pricked is very high and is a dangerous health hazard."

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office ("EBRSO"), led by Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, is establishing the installation of the first 50 SANDD mini - FR™ into its fleet of approximately 225 marked units. Additionally, EBRSO will be installing SANDD Pro™ devices for its evidence room, crime lab and sub-stations for safety. Commenting on these new safety devices for his deputies, Sheriff Gautreaux said "Just last year our narcotics division seized almost $5.5 million-dollars' worth of illegal drugs. In addition, our uniform patrol deputies, crime scene detectives and specialized divisions come in contact with drugs and related paraphernalia daily. Keeping our deputies safe so that they can in turn keep our community safe is paramount. I'm grateful for this new technology that benefits our entire community."

Due to the high medical costs associated with needle stick injuries, law enforcement agencies that have a severe needle problem are taking necessary safety precautions for their officers. Pointe Coupee Sheriff Bud Torres said, "In addition to the safety aspect of the SANDD mini - FR™, we must be prudent with our taxpayer dollars. Workers' compensation cost for a single needle stick injury can easily top $30,000 without the deputy even contracting a disease. If a deputy should, unfortunately, contract HIV and/or Hepatitis C, medical claims could easily top $1 million. The economics of the SANDD mini - FR™ are simply too attractive to pass up."

The SANDD mini- FR™ is a portable, lithium-ion battery operated device and is extremely easy to use. Simply insert the needle into the device, push and hold the button down until the yellow light flashes, then remove the syringe from the device. When activated, the device uses an arc of electricity to heat the needle to about 4,000 degrees within three seconds. Any pieces of incinerated metal drop into a chamber below. When the syringe is pulled out, the needle is completely incinerated, leaving no sharp portions. The heat also kills off any blood-borne pathogens, and the incinerated needle creates a vacuum in the syringe, meaning nothing left inside can escape. It is the only FDA-approved portable, battery-operated needle destruction device that eliminates the use of sharps containers for disposal in both clinical and home settings.

Redhawk's expansion of SANDD mini-FR™ sales to other law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Louisiana, the State of California, and across the country is imminent. For more information, please visit:

RedHawk, through their revolutionary FDA approved medical device, Sharps and Needle Destruction Device (SANDD™), is reducing the risk of needle stick injury and increasing the safe, economical and environmentally friendly needle disposal for all.

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