Vlad Rigenco to Launch Dood Mobile App in March 2020
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Vlad Rigenco to Launch Dood Mobile App in March 2020

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 11:15 AM
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With the Dood mobile app, content creators can stream across multiple social media networks simultaneously

VAUGHAN, ON / ACCESSWIRE / January 21, 2020 / Vlad Rigenco is excited to announce that his new mobile app, Dood Live Stream, is set to launch in March 2020.

Dood is a mobile app for content creators and influencers to live stream video across multiple platforms at once. Social media channels currently offered for access through the app include YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, with plans to expand to Twitch in the future.

Vlad Rigenco, a passionate entrepreneur, developed the idea for Dood when he noticed that in his own line of work of marketing, there was no way for his live content to be equally distributed throughout his social accounts.

With Dood, professionals and content creators can broadcast their life experiences to a global audience. Users of the app can increase their content distribution and outreach online by live streaming to multiple social networks at once.

The app will also host content discovery where users will be able to discover new live videos through categories, keywords, and hashtags. During live streaming, content creators will be able to interact with their viewers and see all engagements from their linked social accounts.

"Since I first developed the idea for Dood, the app has undergone several core changes," says Vlad Rigenco.

"I am very excited for the app to officially launch. Dood will allow people to connect through the power of live streaming and see their outreach on social media grow to new levels."

For more information, please visit https://www.getdood.app/ or https://www.vladrigenco.com/.

About Vlad Rigenco

Both an entrepreneur and the founder of Dood, Vlad's primary concern is the overall satisfaction of each and every one of his clients. He is committed to taking the time to educate and foster relationships with other business professionals. Furthermore, Vlad Rigenco wants to see a more connected world and believes live streaming is the perfect tool for authentic communication in today's day and age. A live streaming platform is the best way for content creators to engage, connect and foster relationships in real time.


Vlad Rigenco
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Vlad Rigenco
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