Charles Laverty Calls for A Davos for National Children’s Healthcare Priorities

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Charles Laverty Calls for A Davos for National Children’s Healthcare Priorities

Monday, January 20, 2020 11:15 AM

COSTA MESA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 20, 2020 / This week leaders converge on Davos this week for the annual World Economic Forum. Charles Laverty calls on political, business leaders and parents to adopt a similar approach focused on children's healthcare issues. Laverty says that global healthcare access, quality and cost should be treated as a top tier global challenge, attracting the same global attention and cooperation as Climate Change, trade or economics.

The healthcare and fitness executive points out studies concluding that inadequate, irregular and expensive access to healthcare contributes to a range of problems affecting children throughout their life. These problems include negative impacts on a child's social, cognitive, mental and physical development and health, their education as well as financial and housing security.

The US has more than 3 million uninsured children which means less healthcare, even where it is available. Even with regular access to health insurance, high healthcare costs can be devastating to families dealing with traumatic health conditions, says Charles Laverty. Soaring healthcare costs hurt children, especially poor children, disproportionately. Rising costs decrease the likelihood that a child will be covered at all. As experiences show with the political conflicts related to The Affordable Care Act and other attempts to address this, there are significant political divides to overcome, Laverty points out.

Charles Laverty asks people to recognize that, in addition, high costs mean that more cost are socialized from underinsured and uninsured patients across all insured people. This is one thing that hides the true costs of the problem. High healthcare and healthcare insurance costs consume resources from parents that can lead to other issues like housing or food security issues. Financial insecurity increases household stress and is associated with a range of domestic and childhood problems.

Access to healthcare is another major issue. Children who grow up in communities that lack vital health resources tend to be less healthy. The cycle tends to perpetuate itself, as those who are less healthy may struggle with maintaining long-term jobs or higher-paying careers. In turn their children inherit many of the same problems and contributing behaviors from their parents.

Charles Laverty argues that parents, medical professionals, educators and business and political leaders at all levels have a role to play. The hidden costs to society are huge so, there are a lot of costs we can offset to pay for it all. It starts with calling on people on the front line of children's care to make healthcare a higher priority.

Business, legal, medical and political leaders need to put politics and short-term self-interest aside and focus on reducing the causes of higher healthcare costs too. Laverty calls on these leaders to organize into a coalition to address it, in the same way world leaders and influencers meet at The World Economic Forum to address economic and developmental issues.

As the founder and chief executive officer of Nuzuna Zone Fitness®, Laverty has been interested in fitness and healthcare since before his undergraduate studies in physical education at Parsons College. Much of his nearly fifty-year career has been in healthcare services and technology companies.

In recent years, Charles Laverty has been speaking and writing about healthcare and fitness issues in the United States. He sees the issues of fitness and nutrition as key elements to addressing healthcare in a bipartisan way. Fitness and nutrition are critical factors in addressing many preventable healthcare costs.

Charles Laverty points out that there is a sort of "80/20" rule to healthcare costs where the majority of national spend and insurance losses are directed at a small number of Americans. Smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyles are all widespread and increase overall societal costs, particularly in healthcare. But these issues also dramatically increase the incidence of highly expensive illnesses including cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke.

In 1992 Merrill Lynch and Ernst & Young, in association with Inc. Magazine, a US business magazine, awarded Laverty their "Turnaround Entrepreneur of the Year" for all American businesses. This recognition came for his tenure as CEO and Chairman of Curaflex Health Services. Laverty also has held leadership roles with other healthcare and fitness firms which includes Advanced Bifurcation Systems, Imagyn Medical Technologies, InfusionCare and Foster Medical before founding Nuzuna Zone Fitness.

Charles Laverty Founds Nuzuna Zone Fitness

In 2018 Charles Laverty founded Nuzuna Zone Fitness because it reflects his commitment to using technology and new, innovative business strategies to address healthcare and fitness issues. Laverty asserts that we can reduce many healthcare expenditures through better physical fitness.

But Laverty believes that improving and maintaining the health of all Americans means rethinking the fitness industry completely. Laverty discovered electro muscular stimulation technology and was amazed at the applications. EMS directly stimulates the muscles, through the skin with no pain or discomfort. Initially, proponents claimed that EMS could replace exercise, a claim that Laverty and most professionals reject.

Instead Laverty saw that EMS was being used by celebrities and the wealthy to improve the effectiveness of professionally led exercise programs. EMS technology has been shown to stimulate the muscles in 20 minutes to the same degree as a two to three-hour workout does without the benefit of EMS.

Charles Laverty found that this technology was unavailable to most Americans but solves several fitness issues that are contributing to our healthcare crisis. Humans respond to simple costs/benefit analysis. Any new exercise program provides too little benefit in the short run for most people to remain motivated. Well intentioned, hard-working and motivated people fail because they become frustrated waiting for real results. They give up and revert to old habits before the new ones can take hold.

To get faster results many increase the frequency, duration or intensity or exercise which, while often having some short-term benefits, increases the likelihood of injury and burnout. Charles Laverty wants everyone to realize faster and more noticeable benefits from exercise. Laverty believes that by increasing the benefits of every minute of workout we will see much greater levels of fitness and better adherence to fitness programs.

Charles Laverty says that the data shows that children's healthcare issues deserves a unified, global response. By, bringing together political, medical and business leaders, as well as parents' groups, we can keep public attention devoted to these issues and affect real change.

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