How to solve the dilemma of DAPP landing and build a multi-scene blockchain ecosystem?
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How to solve the dilemma of DAPP landing and build a multi-scene blockchain ecosystem?

Friday, January 17, 2020 5:50 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2020 / As a new round of scientific and technological revolution begins, the digital economy guided by blockchain pushes the "information Internet" to the "value Internet. If the prosperity of the Internet depends on APP, the future development of block chain will largely depend on DAPP. However, it seems that the landing of DAPP is still in the exploration stage, and there are still problems to be worked out.

According to the data shown, the numbers for DAPP are increasing daily, however the number of active users is decreasing, and the transaction volume is also declining. There was a hoping that DAPP could bring more to the enterprising world, but the reality is that the quality of DAPP cannot meet a user's demand. Where does this leave us now?

Since its birth, DAPP was anticipated by the industry to centralize the block chain industry. Yet, when we look back on the development over the past two years, we can see clear reasons for its decline. The current DAPP concentrates mainly on gambling, online games and exchanges, and its service is not practical enough to be mass adopted. Take the DAPP on the EOS chain as an example, 7 of the top 10 active DAPPs are related to gambling, which makes mass adoption nearly impossible to achieve.

The divided marketing channel causes the user's perception of DAPP as insufficient, due to the difficulty level of this new technology. Additionally, at this moment, many DAPP apps cannot be downloaded and can be provided by direct a link. All these issues make it challenging for DAPP application scenarios to be implemented and to present its real value to users. There is a long way to go before it can truly meet commercial standards.

Introducing, TATA, we can offer a new way of thinking that can solve the issues associated with DAPP. Below is just several of many reasons that TATA will change how you use and manage your blockchain ecosystem.

1 We can reduce the entry level learning curve for new users.

As an emerging technology, blockchain is still in the early stage of development, and the basic concepts can still be difficult for most new users. As result, DAPP users are largely restricted to existing blockchain fans and the user base can only be expanded through time consuming learning initiatives. This only increases the entry level threshold, causing people hesitation in adopting the new technology.

TaTa has already begun to lower these barriers by using a simple layout and logic, similar to traditional social media platforms. Allowing users cryptocurrency rewards by their social behaviors without additional steps, making it easier for causal users to adopt. It also creates a digital wallet, called Acorn Box, for your rewards, and ensures the safety of your assets. All the rewards that your receive from social behaviors on the app will be directly deposited into your wallet. Eventually Tata will be able to handle all types of DAPPS via the ACN Wallet and Tata App.

2Master-Slave network will ensure the scalability.

DAPP is built on a public chain system and if users spike dramatically, it is possible that the underlying facilities of DAPP may not be able to handle it. Take the Ethereum chain as an example, every action on ether network will need confirmation from nodes from different locations, thus, every transaction that users make need from several minutes to tens of minutes of time to finalize, meanwhile, the design of a single chain is limited by its lack scalability.

However, Tata adopts the BFT-DPOS consensus mechanism. TTC master network and slave network jointly build a social ecosystem. The master network ensures the security of a users' assets and the slave network records users' behavioral data. Thus, this divided design makes the chain scalable.

Block chain technology will only continue to mature, and Acorn Protocol will continue to plan and develop for the future by further integrating a variety of applications and achieving a complete ecosystem. Depending on the technical architecture we have, we can not only guarantee the behavior and asset security of millions of users, but also support more DAPP landing scenarios.

Block chain technology is changing the world but has not yet reached its full potential. At present, the industry should be paying more attention to whether the product can fully meet the user's use needs in an easy to use and fun experience. The technology can only be popularized when the industry finds the driving force of DAPP.

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