INC 500 Big Block Realty Acquires Dean Aguilar Group & Xavier Dean Realty
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INC 500 Big Block Realty Acquires Dean Aguilar Group & Xavier Dean Realty

Thursday, January 9, 2020 8:05 PM
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Company Update

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / January 9, 2020 / Big Block Realty, California's fastest-growing brokerage and one of the country's most sought after companies of its kind, has officially acquired Xavier Dean Realty, and The Dean Aguilar Group. The merger is expected to open up new and better business opportunities for real estate agents in California and especially in San Diego. Speaking about the merger, an enthusiastic Dean Aguilar said that "merging with big block brings a whole new level of resources to our agents. With Sam's vision of creating wealth through Real Estate for his agents, I knew we were putting our agents in a position to change the financial bloodline of their families."

CEO and Co-Founder of Big Block Realty, Sam Khorramian, is positive that the acquisition of Xavier Dean Realty will benefit California's real estate industry, and especially agents in San Diego. "Dean Aguilar and his companies are one of the most recognizable brands in our industry. With the introduction of his new company Digital Muse, an Influencer Marketing company focusing on building brands through social media, we knew it was a no-brainer to merge and help thousands of agents build their brand through social media."

What Next for Big Block Realty?

After bringing in $60.6 Million last year, and exponential growth of 216% in just 3 years, Big Block Realty has its sight set on making a big impact on the overall experience the company creates for buyers, sellers, and the agents that work with them. Bearing in mind that both Xavier Dean Realty & Big Block are 100% commission split models for agents, the new merger is opening up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to agents whose dream is to work for an Inc. 5000 company. Although the 100% commission model has often been criticized by salespeople who cite the lack of security commonly associated with a base salary, Big Block Realty offers first-class training & support which guarantees success for agents.

Over 900 Real Estate Agents Earning 100% Commission

Currently, Big Block Realty has over 900 agents, all of whom earn 100% commission. According to research, sales agents spend only 34% of their time selling. Do you know what happens during the remaining time? Losing money-big time! That is why companies are moving to 100% commission models or straight commission plans. In a 100% commission model, an agent's income comes directly from their sales. So, if an agent wants to earn more, all they have to do is boost their sales. This model not only provides agents with the highest earning potential as compared to other models but also gives the company an opportunity to make as much money as possible. The 100% commission structure puts sales reps in total control of their income since companies don't put a commission cap on their commission plans. As such, the sky becomes the limit for sales agents who work for Big Block Realty. For companies, a 100% structure offers the fastest route to market, which is why this option is desirable for startups. Additionally, agents who operate under this model serve as independent contractors, thereby saving the company expenses associated with hiring and keeping in-house employees. By championing better pay for their agents through this model, it is possible that the new and bigger Big Block Realty will attract one of the biggest real estate salesforce in San Diego in 2020.


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