COI Blockchain Foundation has reached strategic cooperation with NewStar
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COI Blockchain Foundation has reached strategic cooperation with NewStar

Thursday, December 26, 2019 12:15 AM
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HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / December 26, 2019 / It's reported that COI Blockchain Foundation, a subsidiary company of China Ocean Heavy Industry, is going to reach in-depth strategic cooperation and undertake the investment distribution with Singapore Flamingo Foundation Pte. LTD, which operates a NewStar project with the mode of "Blockchain + Live Streaming".

New to this kind of blockchain project?

With the boom of Live Streaming industry, streamer has come into existence. Based on our understanding, streamers seems to be extremely profitable job with the backing of a competent team and numerous fans base.

Conversely, streamer has faced much greater problems from the platforms and community. The revenue source for streamers is their subscriber base. However, the vast majority of percentage was split to the platforms. In addition, in order to be able to rank in the recommended channels and gain more traffic, the streamers need to split the revenue to the community. Hence, it makes the streamers really hard to make it.

Is there a possibility that the streamers could earn more revenue breaking away from the centralized platform and community?

NewStar, a blockchain platform, offer the chance to realize the possibility by applying the mode of "Blockchain + Live Streaming ". The streamers can interact directly with the subscribers through NewStar, and there is no third-party compulsory intervention. They can be ranked on the recommended channels depending on their ability. As for the revenue distribution, the streamers can get 100% without splitting. In some cases, there will be some token generated for the subscribers. Both the streamers and subscriber can benefit from it, leading to more and more subscribers get involved. Meanwhile, it drives the streamers to produce high-quality content.

NewStar puts content producer and consumers in direct contact without a third party by building a set of decentralized solutions. Meanwhile, the incentive mechanism of token is applying to maximize the interests of all participants. Based on the characteristics of blockchain itself, every reward given by subscriber to streamers will be recorded on the chain more openly and transparently. The ranking of the recommended channels will be more authentic, avoiding the problem of favoritism and fraud in voting.

COI Blockchain Foundation has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with Singapore Flamingo Foundation Pte. LTD on the operation of NewStar project. It means that the COI Blockchain Foundation has given some ideas of the layout of the entertainment and blockchain, expanding new investments. The COI Blockchain Foundation has committed themselves to a further exploration and development of global blockchain industry.

As a pioneer in field of "Blockchain + Live Streaming ", NewStar aims to transform the underlying economic system of the entertainment industry through the blockchain technology, and re-structure a decentralized ledger and settlement system to deposit, confirm, store and distribute valuable content in the entertainment industry. In the following period of time, NewStar can further improve its underlying technology by virtue of the resources and influence advantages of COI Blockchain Foundation, jointly promote the project development, and bring valuable and significant changes to the streamer industry chain.

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