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Robin Hood Camp Exemplifies Superior Summer Programs for More Than 90 Years

Wednesday, 18 December 2019 02:35 PM

Setting a high bar for summer camp programs around the world, Robin Hood Camp offers a one-of-a-kind experience to children aged six to sixteen from the fields, lakes, and ocean of coastal Maine. Founded in 1928 by Frederic B. Littlefield and owned by his son Rick Littlefield since 1985, Robin Hood strives to achieve the unprecedented landmark goal of becoming the first 100 year father/son organization.

CARMEL, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 18, 2019 / Led by Director Rick Littlefield, Robin Hood Camp has built a global reputation for being perhaps the best summer camp of its type in the world and has attracted four generations of children including the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Presidents, European royalty, and titans of global industry. The Robin Hood summer program has been recognized by parents as a safe, nurturing, stimulating, challenging, positive, and protective environment. The Littlefields successfully maintain the camp's esteemed reputation by keeping up the quality and diversity of its programs, an unprecedented low camper to staff ratio, and upholding the traditions of family and universal values that separates itself from others..

"Parents and children who decide on the idea of a summer camp experience are hard-pressed to find a more fun and trustworthy program that excites, inspires, and challenges children. " says Rick Littlefield. "We understand that going off to camp for the first time is a big decision for both parents and children and we strive to reward their bravery with an experience of joy, away from academic pressures, and societal expectations. Children need to be shown that life can and should be a joyful experience and we do our very best to provide this."

Robin Hood Camp seeks growth and development from their campers on all levels, and, as a result, have created a summer program that takes advantage of all the rich landscape and activities Maine has to offer. The camp's unique location is one of its major draws: it borders both a three-mile lake and the coastal ocean of Maine's Penobscot Bay while taking advantage of a vast variety of land and water sport opportunities.

"We are a lifetime sports camp that accents individual skill building and fundamentals teaching, and we are committed to acquiring top of the line equipment for all our activities to learn these skills," says Rick Littlefield. "We also offer advanced champion level instruction, no other traditional camp in the world is able to offer, for the more competitive campers as well as being a great and welcoming destination for beginners. No camper should ever feel intimidated to try a sport or activity."

Campers who stay with the Littlefields at Robin Hood Camp don't have to be great athletes or highly competitive in order to succeed, either. What's more, they don't have to have any prior experience in their selected activities to participate.

Robin Hood Camp provides more than 40 sports and activity options each day that is combined with an ambitious and adventurous trip program available to kids of all ages. The Littlefields give all campers the option to build their own individualized programs, which nurtures independence and a feeling of freedom. Perhaps for the first time in their lives their opinion truly matters and they can follow or find their own passions without adult interference of teachers and parents. This, combined with the positive, enthusiastic, and unusually talented staff, helps set Robin Hood Camp from any other camp in the world.

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