Benedetto Salanitro Announces 8Pay: the app that takes crypto payments to the next level
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Benedetto Salanitro Announces 8Pay: the app that takes crypto payments to the next level

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 10:25 AM
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8Pay Lets Customers Use Crypto in the Same Way They Use a Regular Bank Account

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2019 / Benedetto Salanitro is delighted to announce the launch of 8Pay Alpha, a simple yet innovative new way to make crypto payments. Having encountered firsthand the challenge of using crypto to pay for services, Benedetto sees the new noncustodial system as an ideal solution.

"Being one of the first companies to adopt crypto to pay for services, we discovered there is no infrastructure to facilitate the payments - in particular recurring payments and payroll," he said, adding that these experiences inspired him and his business partner, Alessandro Bellardita, to create 8Pay to provide a complete suite for all payment types.

"8Pay aims to bring crypto to the masses, allowing individuals to use it in the same way they currently use fiat currencies. They'll be able to execute everyday payments in just a few clicks, and to manage recurring payments effortlessly, all while being charged automatically from our smart contracts without user interaction."

8Pay gives merchants and customers the ability to adopt stablecoins to avoid volatility, all while maintaining control over their funds. Smart contracts automate the payment process, powering a suite of flexible features that make cryptocurrency more versatile than ever.

Whether someone wants to make a one-time payment to a friend to pay them back for lunch, or is buying an item from an online store or vendor, 8Pay works like a charm. And for those who have subscriptions to services or other ongoing payments, 8Pay functions similarly to a regular direct debit.

As a bonus, users never have to deposit currency to take advantage of 8Pay. They simply need to send and receive tokens to and from their personal wallet. And because 8Pay is a decentralised platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, the system is entirely safe and secure.

"Keeping track of your balance, managing payments and adjusting your settings using the 8Pay web application is easy," Benedetto said. "We are confident that the solution fills a major gap in the market, offering a great deal of convenience for both customers and retailers."

About 8Pay:

8Pay is a DeFi platform that facilitates one-shot, recurring and on-demand payments on the Ethereum blockchain. For more information, please visit


Benedetto Salanitro
[email protected]

SOURCE: InterestSpring LLC

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