Rick Rahim Says to Consider Retargeting as Part of Your Current Advertising Efforts
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Rick Rahim Says to Consider Retargeting as Part of Your Current Advertising Efforts

Sunday, December 15, 2019 9:10 AM
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FAIRFAX, VA / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2019 / It's definitely frustrating - you expend your best marketing efforts, bring in potential customers with your witty social media and Youtube advertisements, only to have over 75% of website visitors leave their cart abandoned. According to Rick Rahim, that's still great news. You have engaged with someone new.

Rick Rahim, president of Businessventures.com says, you've already won half the battle. "you've engaged with these possible customers. Rahim says now it's time for you to bring them back. Rick advises you to re-engage, and turn them into profitable conversions through retarget marketing."

Retargeting, or remarketing, is the process of capturing potential customers data left through their cookie-crumb footprint and then proceeding to follow the customers through multiple channels, reminding them about your value proposition and/or their abandoned cart. A guest is more likely to convert on their second or third visit to your website. Rahim points to this experience every day. Rick says you should be clearly aware that it is happening to you.

Retargeting, according to Rick Rahim, is probably the only marketing effort you can make that covers every other form of digital marketing and does it better for far cheaper than other forms of advertising. It can be service-based, says Rick, through a marketing agency that specializes in building business-specific retargeting campaigns that include retargeting ads, building customer lists, and benefiting from display advertising.

There are a variety of useful retargeting techniques that you or an agency can use to build brand awareness and begin making more conversions, here are a few examples from Rick Rahim:

Rick Rahim tip #1: Google search remarketing. If a potential customer searches for something either similar or even unrelated to your business, an ad will still show up near the top of their Google search.

Rick Rahim tip #2: Website retargeting. After visiting your site, ads on other websites will remind them about your business and aim to tempt them, "These are useful places to use display marketing that gradually pulls potential customers into the purchasing funnel by building ads throughout the remarketing process," says Rick Rahim.

Rick Rahim tip #3: Facebook retargeting. Facebook remarketing is an opportune time to re-engage with customers. Ads will show up in their feed while they scroll. You only have a very limited time to engage and reach potential conversions, and social media is an easy place to reach customers while they're relaxing.

Rick Rahim tip #4: Email retargeting. "Depending on the data that is gathered from them when they visit your website, email remarketing can be another form of reaching likely conversions," says Rahim. It can be difficult however to ensure your emails don't end up in Spam folders - an agency can build the right subject lines, etc. to increase the likelihood of your emails reaching and being opened by your customers.

It's a competitive world out there, according to Rick Rahim. Especially when it comes to the billions of online businesses that are working on a global scale. It's important, more than ever, to stand out and seek out-of-the-box methods to retain customers and turn leads into profitable conversions. It's even more possible to beat the competition through retargeting.

Interested in learning more about how retargeting can build your brand identity, engage with more of your audience, and ensure fewer carts are left abandoned, meaning more profit for you - reach out today.

Rick Rahim Spotted At Cars And Coffee With One Of His Sons

Rick Rahim and his wife

Rick Rahim Landing His Helicopter


* Rick Rahim is an accomplished airplane and helicopter pilot, who has even had viral success when he pulled his son's baby tooth out with his helicopter. In addition to be a lifelong entrepreneur, Rick is also a successful children's book author, having published "Way Up High In The Big Blue Sky."

Rick is a certified scuba diver, private investor, and adventurer. Rick has also dabbled in television, such as in Rick Rahim on Fox News broadcasting on Fox & Friends.

SOURCE: BusinessVentures.com - (703) 757-8500


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