The Three-Step Training Elite Trading Group and Education as the Answer to a Life Question
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The Three-Step Training Elite Trading Group and Education as the Answer to a Life Question

Saturday, December 7, 2019 9:37 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2019 / Austin McClelland is the founder of the Three-Step Training Elite Trading Group and Education. This three-step masterclass and trade room is a platform that will show you how to implement skills to become a seasoned trader as well as create a wildly profitable income source. Consequently, he has become an enabler of the growing number of traders who have slowly found themselves financially successful from all around the world.

Trading, a term which is often used but misunderstood by many, is simply the buying, selling or exchanging of assets. In financial markets, people trade securities such as shares, currencies, commodities, and derivatives. It was not necessarily something that needs to be introduced, instead, the application of it to ordinary people was something that needed to be learned.

This idea came to be when he had to press the snooze button and do something to transform his life and career. He's had enough of having nothing and was so hungry for success. So Austin spent months, even years, trying to figure it out.

He didn't have it easy. His journey was all about consistently and tirelessly looking for answers and when nothing ever came up, he has to do it all over again. He sat for hours trying again and again and wondered how other people were making millions while only looking at a chart and pressing only a few buttons.

He knew he was onto something and so he continued to create his own system, his own strategies, he had to go through multiple trial and error just to make it right. Until one day, the system he made finally made sense. It clicked. It was a long and tough process but he knew no one's gonna hand him the answers unless he had to commit to it and do it all by himself.

When success was coming at him, people got interested. They started coming to Austin to understand what trading is all about. For a few months, he taught his best friend Jonnie, just to see if passing on the secret to what he's doing can effectively help. As Austin saw how Jonnie became more and more successful, he knew he was onto something bigger than he could ever imagine.

He began to receive hundreds of messages from people who wanted to learn and understand how trading works and what to do to make it work. While he wanted to help every single one of them, he just didn't have the time to reach out to them individually. That's when he knew he needed to create and curate a platform. He then created not only an educational platform but a community where he can share this secret to the world.

Being born out of his own passion to see himself become successful, this platform has now become a tool to empower others to be successful themselves.

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