ThunderChain Helps Reshape Thailand’s Education System Following Its Adoption in the Health Industry
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ThunderChain Helps Reshape Thailand’s Education System Following Its Adoption in the Health Industry

Monday, December 2, 2019 1:10 AM
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SHENZHEN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2019 / Following the deployment of ThunderChain's leading technology in more than 490 medical facilities in Thailand in August, it will be used in empowering Thailand's education sector, as Naresuan University and ThunderChain reached an agreement on developing Certory, a blockchain-based academic certificate verification platform, for the academic association in Thailand.

Certory will provide a blockchain-based, open and trustworthy platform for the verification of academic certificates for universities and students in Thailand, leveraging ThunderChain's performance and security benefits as well as its expertise in blockchain deployment. The platform is designed to address academic record database and certificate verification platform issues facing Thailand's education system.

China's blockchain technology helps reshape Thailand's education system

For many years, Thailand has been plagued with certificate verification and academic falsification problems, and has become a social problem to be addressed in Thailand and even the whole Southeast Asia region. According to a report by Thai media Amarin in September, there is a black market in Thailand for academic falsification, which makes it easily falsify academic certificates and academic evaluation records. Another survey shows that about 200,000 fake academic certificates are sold each year in Southeast Asia, resulting in unfairness and untrustworthiness in the academic community as well as the job market. All this makes things more difficult for employers looking for the right people and affects universities and students adversely.

In response to the Digital Transformation strategy set forth in Thailand 4.0, Naresuan University, one of the top public universities in Thailand, is planning to launch Certory, a blockchain-based academic certificate verification system, by leveraging ThunderChain's leading technology.

On the one hand, unlike a centralized academic record database, the open, transparent and tamper-resistant nature of blockchain technology will ensure data authenticity and credibility of Certory, improve the efficiency of certificate verification and reduce the cost of communication and validation among various organizations; on the other hand, ThunderChain, as the sole technical service provider of Certory, will enhance data privacy and traceability challenges, encrypt and hide data by encryption algorithms, such as ring signature and zero-knowledge proof, to protect user privacy and keep academic records confidential. Meanwhile, the platform will provide academic statistics to support the decision-making process of the educational authority.

In addition, Certory will support easy access to recruitment websites and regulatory agencies through third-party APIs to connect with job search and employment services. Students can now authorize employers to access their academic evaluation reports, making it easier to authenticate academic certificates and providing a solid foundation for creating an honest, credible and efficient education and employment environment while protecting user privacy.

ThunderChain has become a global benchmark for blockchain applications in empowering a range of sectors

This is not ThunderChain's first project in Thailand. In early August, Naresuan University announced its decision to partner with ThunderChain in creating a blockchain-based health information system. ThunderChain's solution is used for the management of patient information across a network of more than 490 medical facilities affiliated to the Naresuan University Hospital, offering interconnectivity and traceability in addition to privacy protection and facilitating the implementation of a health information system in Thailand. As the first overseas project powered by China's blockchain technology, it is the winner of Promising Project Award at CAICT's Trusted Blockchain Summit 2019 for demonstrating China's "hard power" in core blockchain technologies.

In addition to a growing international presence, ThunderChain is steaming ahead in the domestic market. Leveraging its proprietary and innovative core technologies, ThunderChain enjoys a big lead in performance, patented technology and operational competency and removes barriers to the adoption of blockchain technology in real-world scenarios. Dr. Zhang Jun, Chief Technology Officer of Hylink Digital Solutions Co., Ltd. said: "If a traditional blockchain is deemed as a single-lane road, ThunderChain is offering a two-way, eight-lane highway. The combination of efficiency and reliability is the very reason for Hylink to adopt ThunderChain technology."

Meanwhile, ThunderChain's traceable privacy protection solutions lead the way in addressing data protection and traceability challenges. Research papers on this technology have been presented to the annual conference of China Association for Cryptologic Research, fully demonstrating technical strength. Now, the technology is gaining traction, with great potential in security-sensitive sectors such as healthcare, government and finance.

ThunderChain is currently a technical service partner to Copyright Protection Center of China, the blockchain-based Guangzhou Financial Credit Reporting Platform, Hylink, Guangdong South New Media, One Foundation and other government departments and businesses, serving a dozen of sectors including finance, copyright, traceability, public welfare, insurance, transportation, gene, supply chain and new retail, and so forth.

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