As Mobile Video Usage Rises in Latin America, Latest Annual Report by Penthera Shows Growing Preference for Download Functionality Increases
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As Mobile Video Usage Rises in Latin America, Latest Annual Report by Penthera Shows Growing Preference for Download Functionality Increases

Thursday, November 21, 2019 2:20 PM
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Viewer survey shows 65% enjoy a daily video streaming habit, while nearly 100% report experiencing frustrations.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2019 / Mobile video streaming is rising in popularity in Latin America, with 38.2% of the region's population expected to watch streaming or downloaded video content on their mobile devices this year, according to eMarketer. Yet frustration with technical and user experience issues is at an all time high, according to the annual Penthera Latin America Streaming Behavior Survey.

The study examines changing attitudes and behaviors towards mobile video streaming and download technology across consumer populations in four major Latin America countries: Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, and Argentina.

Among the most common frustrations that viewers encounter are slow start times, in-stream rebuffering, poor ad experiences, among others. As tolerance of these issues diminishes, it's imperative for providers of streaming video to innovate and solve these issues.

"Despite changes in infrastructure in Latin America, video streaming continues to be frustrating for viewers," said Penthera CMO Jodi Susman. "That's why download functionality is crucial for LATAM audiences. The majority not only expect streaming services to offer a mobile video download feature, they're even willing to pay a premium for it. Even more telling is that despite being annoyed by streaming ads, consumers in the region are more likely to subscribe to a service that lets them download videos for free with ads."

Some of the most striking takeaways from the report:

Mobile viewership is increasing, as LATAM viewers watch more daily and weekly, yet frustrations remain and tolerance for poor user experience is decreasing:

  • 65% of respondents stream video on a mobile device daily, and 23% stream weekly.
  • 94% reported that they have experienced streaming frustrations including being annoyed with advertisements, videos taking too long to start, and video rebuffering.

Viewer sentiment signals that allowing users to download mobile video content is a popular way to counteract frustration:

  • Over half of all Latin American respondents (52%) said that they download mobile video at least weekly. 20% do so daily, which is nearly double the number from 2018.
  • 83% of Latin American respondents said that they expect a streaming service to include a mobile video download feature and 82% said they would even pay a premium for the feature.

Viewers in LATAM are enthusiastic about getting free video downloads with ads:

  • 90% of panelists said they would use a feature that lets them download videos for free- with ads-on their mobile devices.
  • Most respondents said they would be more likely to watch video from a service that offered free video download with ads (57%).

With viewers less likely to accept shortcomings or glitches, the takeaway for OTT providers in LATAM is clear: if you don't solve user frustration with streaming and give users the ability to download, you will fail to gain user loyalty and may lose app users to competitors. Yet viewers' enthusiasm for free video downloads supported by ads shows that adding a download feature can have further benefits to streaming providers.

"Mobile video is a key driver of growth in the OTT industry, as more people stream and download mobile content on a weekly and daily basis," said Susman. "As viewers increasingly embrace downloading, providers have a timely opportunity to counteract frustrations and improve the experience by adding a feature users expect. In addition, there is a huge opportunity to further monetize their content, bringing in additional monthly revenue."

Click here to download the full report and review complete findings.

Penthera worked with independent research company EMI Research Solutions to survey 1,200 individuals, aged 18-50, in Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, and Argentina. All respondents were recruited by EMI Research Solutions, which conducted the survey via double-opt-in panel to a quantitative online survey.

To discuss these findings, relevant technology solutions and marketing inquiries, please contact Jodi Susman at [email protected].

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