Systemax Announces Launch of New Global Industrial Website
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Systemax Announces Launch of New Global Industrial Website

Thursday, November 21, 2019 8:30 AM
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Introduction of Advanced Features and Self-Serve Capabilities
Delivers Enhanced Customer Experience

PORT WASHINGTON, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2019 / Systemax Inc. (NYSE:SYX), today announced that Global Industrial, its value added industrial products distribution company, has launched its new website. Global Industrial is among the industry leaders in business-to-business digital commerce and the new website provides advanced features and self-serve capabilities that increases ease of use, while supplying a premier customer experience. features the latest customer service capabilities, allowing customers to conduct more of their order and service-related tasks online. There are more than 160 improved features and functionalities across the site in five key customer areas, including online returns, auto reorder, replacement parts, improved lead time and order tracking, and inventory clearance.

Barry Litwin, Chief Executive Officer of Systemax, said, "We are championing a stronger customer centric culture across every facet of the company and the innovative features of this new website will deliver a differentiated Global Industrial customer experience and help drive operating efficiencies. Our technology, product merchandising and marketing teams did an outstanding job delivering first to the distribution market features, many of which have historically only been found on consumer retail websites. This positions us to drive long-term customer satisfaction and redefine the online business-to-business experience."

Manoj Shetty, Chief Information Officer of Systemax, said, "The new website is a key component in our strategy to accelerate the customer experience and reflects Systemax's digital centric roots. The enhancements to the website are the result of significant customer engagement and direct feedback. With the introduction of advanced features and functionalities customers will have more control in conducting their online order and service-related tasks, which will deliver a faster, richer, and seamless online experience."

Global Industrial's enhanced website functionality features some of the newest first to market features including:

Online Returns: Global is breaking ground with the launch of online returns for less than truck load and small parcel shipments, functionality generally seen on leading consumer retail websites. Small parcel returns can be made completely online, with less than truck load requiring minimal manual intervention through an instant call back feature to schedule pick up and complete the return. Advanced tracking status features give customers the ability to track returns every step of the way and see exactly where the return package is in the process.

Auto Reorder: Customers can use auto reorder for products they need on a regular basis such as janitorial and maintenance supplies. Auto reorder means customers won't run out of anything - ever, and allows for the management, editing, and customization of orders in one place. Customers simply go to the last order, check the products they want to auto reorder, set the quantity and frequency of delivery - and that's it.

Replacement Parts: Customers know finding the right replacement parts is often difficult, so we simplified the process by giving them easy access for the correct replacement parts for their product. Replacement parts are now found partnered with their order history or on the product detail page.

Improved Lead Time and Order Tracking: With warehouses across the nation, including our new 500,000-plus square foot facility in Texas, Global has improved lead times and deliveries across the country. In addition, customers can now follow the progress of their order from our facility to theirs. Upgraded order tracking tools show customers exactly when it left us, where it currently is in the process, and when it will be delivered to them. Customers can sign up for text alerts to get delivery tracking information from their tablet, or PC - anywhere, anytime.

Enhanced Self-Service Features: The addition of additional self-service features will drive an improved customer experience. This includes the deployment of a new Global chatbot which will enhance issue resolution for order status inquiry, returns, product questions and customer service inquiries, while providing a friction free hand off to the appropriate live agent who can best help the customer.

About Systemax Inc.

Systemax Inc. (, through its operating subsidiaries, is a value added distributor of industrial products in North America going to market through a system of branded e-Commerce websites and relationship marketers. The primary brand is Global Industrial.

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