Snipfeed Launches One-Stop Platform for Personalized Content
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Snipfeed Launches One-Stop Platform for Personalized Content

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 7:00 AM
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Targeting Gen-Z, platform pulls videos, articles and podcasts based on users' interest

SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2019 / It's no surprise the average Gen Zs spend 30 hours a week on their phones. It's where they get news, watch videos, listen to podcasts, play games, interact with friends and influencers, etc. Now, instead of having multiple internet browsers and apps open to get to their favorite content, a new platform is launching to keep everything in one place.

Snipfeed offers personalized playlists of your favorite online content. It is the one-stop shop for all your podcasts, videos and articles. With AI and machine learning, Snipfeed curates an internet customized for each user. The new platform is rolling out on an invitation-only basis now, with a public introduction in early 2020.

Originally created as a news chatbot, Snipfeed quickly gained momentum, reaching 1.5 million users in just a few short months, but as users started to demand more features, the Snipfeed team built out a totally new experience. "Gen Zs don't use Facebook or any other newsfeed, so we are giving them a way to get personalized information through this new platform. We have developed a newsfeed that really serves users' interests, and we fairly compensate content creators," said Redouane Ramdani, CEO, Snipfeed.

"We see Snipfeed as poised to be the biggest disruption in the media industry since the early 90s, providing users a unique personalized and social experience, with an array of easily monetizable creative options," Ramdani continued.

Snipfeed for content creators

Snipfeed is also on a mission to change the business model for online content as it directly connects content creators to consumers. For example, Snipfeed allows content creators to offer subscriptions or bundles of content with just two clicks. Fans also have the option of sending virtual gifts to their favorite creators and media, using Snipfeed's frictionless single wallet.

Because it is much easier to pay, users are more likely to spend money on content with the platform's credits, known as "Snipcoins."

The platform also lets creators and publishers even monetize their free tier, which is approximately 95 percent of the content on the platform, through programmatic advertising. Snipfeed's AI technology ensures ads are displayed next to relevant content, and the company always shares the majority of advertising revenues with publishers. Currently, there are more than 150 partners.

"We see Snipfeed becoming to Gen Zs what cable was to baby boomers--with technology that will dramatically change how and what content we consume each day," continued Ramdani. "The last ten years have seen the rise of ‘megacreators' who now reach more people than most traditional media. It's not uncommon to see journalists who have a bigger following than the media they work for. This is the media of tomorrow and our platform will lead the way in this major industry shift."

Snipfeed is also funded and advised by Silicon Valley veterans Eric Schiermeyer, the co-founder of Zynga and Myspace, and advised by Andy Wiedlin, former CRO, Buzzfeed.

For more information or to request early access to the new Snipfeed platform, visit

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Snipfeed is developing a one-stop platform for content that will benefit both users and content creators, using technology that will dramatically change how and what content is consumed. Snipfeed provides users and creators with a unique, personalized and social experience, with an array of easily monetizable creative options. The company has received $1 million in seed funding. For more information, visit

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