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Duke and The Doctor Support the Wounded Warrior Project

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 09:00 AM

Duke Liberatore and his wife, Dr. Jan McBarron have a long-standing dedication and passion towards the support of the U.S. armed forces. Today, a day after Veteran's Day, this support is also extended towards the Wounded Warrior project.

HENDERSON, NV / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2019 / Having recently moved to Nevada, Duke Liberatore and his wife Dr. Jan McBarron, known by thousands of radio listeners across the country as Duke and The Doctor, have proudly announced their support of the Wounded Warrior Project. Having created a GoFundMe account for the cause, the couple intends to raise funds with substantial emphasis on the impact of war for the men and women returning home after service. They state, "We ask that you simply put yourself in the victim's shoes. Our soldiers come home, often broken and permanently affected both physically and emotionally."

Founded in 2003, the Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit charitable organization specifically created to assist veterans who were wounded as a direct result of military actions taken following the September 11th terrorist attacks. With the motto, ‘The greatest casualty is being forgotten', the organization has raised over $197 million dollars in 2018 alone and has served countless men and women to rebuild their lives, reunited with their families.

Duke and The Doctor also points out the importance for everyone to pitch in for this cause, not only because help is desperately needed, but also as a form of expressing gratitude: "It's easy to dismiss war because it happens ‘over there'… It's easy to hope some "big donor" will support their cause and you don't have to get involved. But the reality is, they need us, and we need them. Respect what they have done for us, and recognize that to some extent, we owe them."

The couple are hopeful that their GoFundMe account will make a significant positive impact for veterans across the country, as well as inspire others to follow suit with charitable action.

About Duke and The Doctor

A few years after their marriage in 1987, Duke Liberatore and his wife Dr. Jan McBarron married their careers. Duke owned a chain of successful health food stores, and The Doctor who holds both an MD, Medical Doctorate as well as ND, Naturopathic Doctorate, together founded and co-hosted ‘Duke and The Doctor", a nationally syndicated, two-hour daily talk show focused on achieving a healthier, more active lifestyle through natural means.

For more than twenty years, Duke and The Doctor provided thousands of individuals with the tools and resources to better understand and be responsible for their own health and wellness. By combining passion and higher education, Duke and The Doctor supported their listeners by addressing all health-related questions and concerns.

The show received multiple awards and garnered hundreds of thousands of loyal followers, and the couple is proud to have reached and helped so many lives for so many years.

Today Duke and The Doctor no longer broadcast their show but continue public speaking, appearances, philanthropic initiatives and an unwavering continued support for the men and women who serve in our military. They retired to Nevada from Columbus, Georgia which is home of Ft Benning, the largest Army Training facility, where for 30 years they supported the base both physically, emotionally and financially by attending numerous fundraisers, sponsoring events, and making direct contributions.

For more information, please contact:

Jan McBarron
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Duke and The Doctor

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