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Packing Tips for Traveling to Europe According to Andrew Urbaniak

Friday, 08 November 2019 12:15 PM

Get ready for your summer vacation to Europe with Andrew Urbaniak's packing guide.

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / November 8, 2019 / Europe is unlike anywhere else in the world. Tourists are attracted to historical sites, beautiful coasts, and bustling cities. Most people travel to multiple countries in one trip to make the most of their budget and of seeing the continent. It can be challenging to pack when planning for so many activities, but Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts put together a packing guide to make things easier.

Packing versatile clothing is Andrew Urbaniak's number one traveling recommendation. Choose comfortable clothing with complementary colors that can be mixed and matched easily. For example, plain black leggings are perfect for a hike, or for pairing underneath a long blouse at dinner.

You'll appreciate this notion when you realize your hotel doesn't have an elevator or when your suitcase suddenly seems smaller than you remember. It may be challenging to pack light, but it will make things easier when you are hopping from place to place.

Packing shoes is also tricky because they tend to be heavy and take up a lot of space. For men, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts recommends bringing a pair of sandals, hiking/running shoes, and evening shoes. European men have style, so you'll want to bring your favorite three versatile pairs. For women, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts suggests packing a pair of flip flops, nice sandals or ballet flats, and hiking/running shoes.

Now keep in mind, traveling light also means doing laundry more often. Many apartment rentals and Airbnbs will have washing machines available. Other times you'll need to find a laundromat, which might not be possible. Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts recommends preparing for the worst by bringing a universal sink stopper and pegless clothesline. Don't forget to pack a small bottle of detergent for those emergency washes in the sink.

Before your trip, research each country's wall outlet type so you can be prepared with the proper adapter. If you're only going to one country, it would be cheaper to get the corresponding adapter for that location. If you plan to visit many different countries, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts recommends investing in a universal adapter.

About Andrew Urbaniak

As a world traveler, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts has explored countries in Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia. He is passionate about history and enjoys studying World War II and eastern politics. As a hobby, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts collects movies, documentaries, and popular film series from 1980-2000.

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