The Fifth Global Social Entrepreneurs Ecological Forum Ended Perfectly
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The Fifth Global Social Entrepreneurs Ecological Forum Ended Perfectly

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 1:45 AM
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BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 5, 2019 / Entering a new era, social entrepreneurs have attracted much attention. The social entrepreneurship is surging. They fulfill their social responsibilities, dare to take on responsibilities, and actively participate in major national strategies to better reflect social values, social missions and social ecology.

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On November 2 and 3, 2019, the fifth "Global Social Entrepreneurs Ecological Forum" with the theme of "bearing the mission of the times, leading the ecological growth" was held in Beijing Macrolink Legend Hotel. People in political circles, business circles, well-known scholars, and cultural media celebrities gathered in Beijing to discuss the social mission and responsibility of social entrepreneurs.

"Global Social Entrepreneur Ecological Forum", which provides a fully opening communication platform for participants in various forms such as keynote speech, roundtable forum and Q & A, is jointly sponsored by Beijing Huaxia Management College, BIZ Media Group, AirMedia Group, Shihua Group and other enterprises.

On the first day of the forum, nearly 2000 entrepreneurs from all over the country attended the conference. Mr. Jiang Lanxin, President of Beijing Huaxia Management College, the sponsor of the forum, delivered the opening speech: "no matter where we come from, there is a common desire in our hearts, that is, with social entrepreneurship, we can become a nucleus in the world and make the world a better place."

Mr. Liu Qihui, chairman of BIZ Media, delivered a speech as a co-sponsor. In his opinion, there are three standards for the improvement of business quality: the first is that the industry should have positive energy to create more real value for the country, the motherland, the people and the society; the second is that the enterprise should have the spirit of innovation and the innovation of professionalism to build the future of the enterprise; the third is that the reputation of the enterprise should stand the test of time and history.

At the same time, Ma Weihua, the former president of China Merchants Bank, also said in his speech that to achieve global sustainable development, we should not only pursue economic benefits, but also pay more attention to social values. So more and more enterprises not only provide good products and services for the society, but also make their own efforts to make the world better.

Later, Wang Zimu, chairman of Huatai Insurance Group, Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia, Ji Lianqiang, chairman of AirMedia Group, Liu Ji, special inspector of the State Council, Xia Hua, chairman of Yiwen Group and other celebrities from all walks of life shared their thoughts and experience with the participants, which was warmly responded by the audience.

What's more, on the first day of the forum, Ban Ki Moon, the eighth Secretary General of the United Nations, delivered keynote speech and on the second day, the former president of San Marino, GianFranco Terenz, delivered it too. At the same time, they also discussed with Chinese entrepreneurs on social entrepreneurship, social entrepreneur strength, social entrepreneur belief and other issues.

In addition, this year, 11 "outstanding social entrepreneurs" awards, including Ma Weihua and Liu Ji, were awarded by Rudd.

On the second day, the forum held a speech and dialogue on the theme of "Ecological Growth, Core Competitiveness and Sustainable Operation". Ma Bin, vice president of Tencent, said that the sustainable development of an enterprise is a false proposition. In his view, there is only the enterprises of the times, but no sustainable enterprise. But if an enterprise can continue to succeed, it needs to rely on its strategy multiplied by its organizational capacity.

Chen Hong, chairman of The Hina Group, also said that the enterprise is a member of the society. When the enterprise is strong enough in the industry, it should use various resources to create its own ecosystem, and establish its own business team through cooperation and investment.

In addition, former president of San Marino, Terenzi, also delivered a speech, sharing his views on the development opportunities of small and medium-sized enterprises and the innovation of environmental protection enterprises in the economic field, and having a wonderful dialogue with Chinese entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurs are a symbiotic community, with common values, beliefs and pursuits, to achieve the social value of enterprises with the help of commercial forces. Social entrepreneurs should put social responsibility and social progress in the first place, and constantly give social responsibility a wide and fresh content, including providing employment opportunities, developing entrepreneurial platforms, embracing scientific and technological innovation, promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, promoting environmental friendliness, expanding green finance, vigorously helping the poor, achieving equal development of all kinds of people and social common progress, etc.

There is a saying goes, "The man who observes the potential is wise, and who controls the potential wins." And Charlie Munger said, "The macro is what we must accept, and the micro is what we can do." Only by following the historical trend, actively responding to changes and actively seeking changes, can we go with the times.


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Global Social Entrepreneur Ecological Forum
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