Drink HRW is Completing a 6-Month Clinical Trial on its Hydrogen Water
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Drink HRW is Completing a 6-Month Clinical Trial on its Hydrogen Water

Saturday, November 9, 2019 1:35 PM
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The Clinical Trial, Which is Focusing on Metabolic Syndrome, Involves 60 Participants

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 9, 2019 /  Alex Tarnava, CEO of Drink HRW, is pleased to announce that a team of researchers is about to submit a manuscript for review of a significant clinical trial on the company's hydrogen water. The 6-month trial, which focuses on metabolic syndrome, involved 60 participants and will help add to the body of scientific evidence behind the hydrogen water. Drink HRW already has three smaller clinical trials using their hydrogen-producing tablets published, as well as a case study, with another case study already under review.

To learn more about Drink HRW and one of their products-a tablet that makes H2 from water for therapeutic use-please visit https://drinkhrw.com/.

As Tarnava noted, he and the team from Drink HRW were inspired to arrange for the clinical trial because the benefits of H2 looked promising, and it would potentially show a positive result in people with metabolic syndrome. H2 has shown benefits in 170 different disease models across every organ in early animal and human research, Tarnava said

"Some articles suggest it works in a similar way as exercise or caloric restriction does, so it has many potential implications," he said.

As Tarnava explained, hydrogen water is basically water that has H2 (hydrogen gas) dissolved into it; it has nothing to do with pH. The end products yield a gas-dissolved solution, similar to carbonation, which adds carbon dioxide to water to make sparkling water. The difference being hydrogen gas is added instead of carbon dioxide.

Unlike other CEOs of similar companies who might want to tout benefits that are not supported by evidence, Tarnava is on a mission to advance the science while dialing back the claims.

"There are many unethical businesses in the space, including companies selling ineffective products without a therapeutic dose, and simultaneously claiming benefits not supported by the science," he said.

"Our company works with researchers to further the scientific knowledge in the field under no publication agreements and is trying to positively impact messaging to be more truthful and accurate.

As part of his quest to validate the efficacy of H2 and further understand the implications of the existing science, Tarnava said his company has donated product to several research groups, and now other researchers are referring them to other teams interested in conducting research. Tarnava said him and his team have worked with and supported nine research teams around the world in varying capacities. Some of the research programs have been completed and several others are currently underway.

In addition to working with researchers, Tarnava said his team works to positively impact the scientific understanding and ethical marketing in his industry.

"At Drink HRW, we work with many brands and labels that buy our technology and offer full support on education of the science," he said.

About Drink HRW:

The team at Drink HRW believes that molecular hydrogen is the future in terms of health regimen, overall wellness, pain management and longevity. They are dedicated to bringing the best products to market, and leading the way in products, devices and techniques to deliver the highest level of hydrogen-rich water possible. For more information, please visit https://drinkhrw.com/.


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