Jonathan Jadali Redefines The Road To Social Media Influencing By Creating A Minimalist Approach
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Jonathan Jadali Redefines The Road To Social Media Influencing By Creating A Minimalist Approach

Thursday, October 31, 2019 2:15 AM
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TUSTIN, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2019 / Today's world is defined by social media, dating apps, and ever-changing tech trends, with AI, AR, and blockchain technology totally changing the world as we knew it. Individuals that are able to identify these trends and follow them as some of the first investors are reaping their rewards in a monumental way. One individual, at only 21-years-old, cracked the code on profiting from the worldwide web, creating a social media empire that will carry him throughout his life.

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin remained wholly hidden from the everyday person. However, for someone like Jonathan Jadali, that was not the case; he immediately knew this form of virtual currency could change the world, so he invested heavily in his teens, believing in its future. Aptly selling off his investments for hundreds of thousands of dollars before the market crashed due to volatility, Jonathan became a de facto face of this new world of cryptocurrency where fortunes can be made in days, and lost in minutes.

Taking this notoriety with him into new endeavors, Jonathan was able to pivot into social media influencing - otherwise known as a form of brand promotion today preferred by millennials. Social media influencing is so powerful, in fact, that comes with a 60% higher engagement rate than traditional advertisements. Given that 84% of millennials don't trust regular ads anymore, these consumers are looking for figures, like Jonathan, that can recommend the right clothes, shoes, cars, and investment strategies, intimately through their social media.

When one goes on Instagram, they are met with thousands of over-the-top accounts, edited photos, and scantily clad bathing suit pics. Jonathan Jadali is changing up the game, yet again, riding his Bitcoin success while creating a minimalist Instagram board that is uncommon for someone with close to 100,000 followers.

Falling into the categorization of a "micro-influencer," many analysts argue these people wield more power than the 5-million follower club, where this elite influencer class becomes "celebrity status" in followers' eyes. As these people look for influencers they feel they know, and can really trust, Jonathan sits at the crossroads between this kind of influencing power, as well as a virtual friend and mentor people can follow and depend on through their mobile devices.

Speaking to Future Generations

Aside from investment schemes and social media influencing daily, Jonathan is using his platform to launch a career as a speaker, mentor, and personal influencer, providing an element of transparency that is refreshing and educational to all interested followers. Collaborating with brands frequently, Jonathan is able to fine-tune is influential approach into one that is open, authentic, and resonates with his fans.

Redefining the path to influential stardom, Jonathan was able to take financial investment success, and build a brand that he can monetize and popularize for decades to come. He sits at the front of a new class of empowered personnel, waiting to shape the future world.

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Name: Jonathan Jadali
Email:[email protected]
Address:P.O. Box 3883 Tustin, 92781
Phone: 424-279-3348

SOURCE: Jonathan Jadali

Jonathan Jadali
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