Websafety Inc. The Video Goes Viral With Over 1.4M Views
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Websafety Inc. The Video Goes Viral With Over 1.4M Views

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 12:05 AM
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Websafety, Inc. is Uniquely Positioned to Help Parents Mentor Their Children in the Digital Space


Websafety , Inc. is uniquely positioned to help parents mentor their children in the digital space on their mobile devices and has produced a video with more than 1.4 million views, 7 thousand likes, five thousand shares, and almost 2 thousand comments. The video provides a retrospect of the impact that mobile devices and other inventions have impacted our society. WebSafety is the leading mobile monitoring company to provide parents with the tools to guide their children through mobile device usage and the peace of mind they all deserve. Some of the comments in the video are:

  • "Brilliant ad, love it! Will definitely look into it!"
  • "Fantastic app will bring safety and comfort to parents with young children and teenagers"
  • "This is the app I told you about for your mom to use"
  • "here's the app I was talking about the other day"

WebSafety's founder and CEO Rowland Day stated, "Due to rapid worldwide growth of smartphones and the resulting anxiety, depression, and addiction to their use by people of all ages but particularly by children as young as age 4, WebSafety has targeted this global usage problem with its WebSafety parental monitoring app."

The features created by WebSafety allows the parent to effectively monitor what their children are doing, seeing, and participating in with their smartphone use. The WebSafety app is comprised of many features which include these following favorites, Apps that have been downloaded and are being used, location of the child, geofencing so the parent knows when the child leaves, arrives, or goes outside of a defined area, monitoring social media and photos for Facebook and Instagram, time usage, curfew settings the control when the child may use the mobile phone, automatic turn-off which may be used during homework and dinnertime. These features and others allow the parents to monitor and protect their children from the dangerous situations that lurk in the mobile world.

WebSafety is the leading provider of mobile apps that assist parents in monitoring their children's mobile device usage and activities. Mobile device usage includes mobile apps downloaded and used, websites visited, mobile device location throughout the day, geo-fencing, photos, and comments posted to social networks, and mobile device usage restrictions.

You can find the video at the following web address: https://www.facebook.com/WebSafetyInc/videos/1911653785572403/

About WebSafety, Inc.

The vision of WebSafety is to give clear visibility for parents to monitor and protect their child(ren) from inappropriate behavior on their mobile device. All parents want to protect their children in any way they can. The WebSafety app enables them to do just that. For more information, visit www.websafety.com.

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Websafety Inc
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