Decatur's Spot for Dogs Certified as One of the First 'Eco' Animal Care Facilities
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Decatur's Spot for Dogs Certified as One of the First 'Eco' Animal Care Facilities

Monday, October 28, 2019 1:00 PM
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ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2019 / The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is fast approaching, which means tons of travel. And if your furry friend can't accompany you, they can take their own eco-retreat at the all-new Decatur pet spa - Spot for Dogs. One of the first EarthCraft-Certified animal facilities in the country, Spot for Dogs offers kennel favorites such as chasing tennis balls, making new friends, and being pampered by a caring staff in a healthy and sustainably-designed environment.

"We all need a clean and healthy environment, and that includes our beloved pets," said Owner Shannon Baker. "The Decatur Spot for Dogs project is a representation of the importance of the preservation of the City's historic character and forward momentum in sustainability. We appreciate and support Decatur's High-Performance Building Standard and are excited to meet its challenges as an early adopter of EarthCraft's new Sustainable Preservation system."

Spot for Dog's EarthCraft Certification, verified by local consulting firm SK Collaborative, exceeded building construction components and systems designed to maximize energy efficiency while minimizing harm done to the environment. The primary vision used a rehabbed historical building and turned it into an environmentally sound project. And because the customers are all animal lovers, Spot for Dog's owners thought building green was a "no brainer."

"Using a site located in Downtown Decatur's Historic District gives the renovated building a cozy feel while also being modern," said SK Collaborative Program Manager, Sam Morton. "Bringing old canopies and brick walls back to life reduced the need for new raw materials."

Renovating an existing building allowed the project team to conserve land, resources and infrastructure. The project features abundant natural light due to the open doggy play area while using energy efficient lighting where needed. While well lit, the building uses less fixtures and bulbs than the average commercial building. Instead, the interior will rely on natural day lighting to fill in the gap, providing tremendous reductions in total energy consumption.

About SK Collaborative

SK Collaborative applies proven green building techniques to real-life situations. We work with developers, builders, remodelers, contractors, and architects to identify cost-effective techniques that can help earn financial incentives through tax credits, utility rebates and financing discount programs. Our services range from consulting, design reviews and charrettes to waterproofing inspections, testing, training, and building certification under LEED, EarthCraft, National Green Building Standard, ENERGY STAR, Enterprise Green Communities, FitWel, and Green Globes. SK Collaborative is your one stop resource in Making Buildings Better.


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SOURCE: SK Collaborative

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