Washington & Associates, Inc. Posts a New Blog that Discusses a Plan that Can Save the Liberal Democratic World Order
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Washington & Associates, Inc. Posts a New Blog that Discusses a Plan that Can Save the Liberal Democratic World Order

Monday, October 28, 2019 9:30 AM
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Washington & Associates is an S Corporation Based in Ohio

SOLON, OH / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2019 / The founders of Washington & Associates (W&A), an S Corporation based in Ohio, are pleased to announce that they have just posted an educational and thought-provoking blog to their website.

To read the new blog, which is titled "EM-P: A Strategic Plan to Help Save The Liberal Democratic World Order" in its entirety, please visit https://www.washington-associates.com/blog/.

As the author of the blog noted, democracy and capitalism are currently in crisis. The key to saving the liberal democratic world order, the blog noted, is to solve democracy's and capitalism's problems in a manner that leads to national unity.

"W&A has developed a universally applicable strategic plan which solves these problems," the blog noted, adding that people who are interested in learning more about this solution may wish to read a book titled "Ensuring Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion in America: Managing Equity in the 21st Century," written by Dr. Charles A. Washington. Washington's solution is also detailed in a series of five white papers, which can be found on the W&A website.

"The strategic plan operationalizes John B. Rawls' seminal concept, ‘Justice as Fairness,' which can be used to solve the problems associated with democracy and capitalism," the new blog noted, adding that the strategic plan calls for the development and universal implementation of a management system called "Equity Management," and a software system called the "Plato Management Information System."

Collectively these strategic plan elements are known as "Equity Management-Plato" and by the acronym "EM-P," the blog added.

"EM-P is the only practical solution that can fulfill the Pentagon's recommendations and meet the needs of individual countries and multilateral organizations seeking to save the liberal democratic world order."

As the blog noted, the founders of W&A are encouraging everyone who is interested in learning more about democracy to read the book, study the strategic plan, and join the movement to help save the liberal democratic world order while it can yet be saved.

"What W&A is proposing is arguably the largest and most consequential international ‘revolutionary social movement' in human history," the blog concluded.

About Washington & Associates:

Washington & Associates is an S Corporation domiciled in Ohio. Its mission is to "create one vision" (E Pluribus Unum) and to "empower one future" through stable and legitimate liberal democracies worldwide. For more information, please visit

Dr. Charles A. Washington
Washington & Associates, Inc
P.O. Box 391055
Solon, OH 44139

Dr. Charles A. Washington
[email protected]
(216) 798-0607

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