The sporty off-road style Audi Q8 is available on the market today
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The sporty off-road style Audi Q8 is available on the market today

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 3:10 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 25, 2019 / On October 25, 2019, Audi's new flagship SUV Audi Q8 will be officially launched today, which is what fans and buyers are looking forward to. In September of this year, the pre-sale of the Audi Q8 was officially launched at the Chengdu Auto Show. The pre-sale price ranges from 770,000 yuan to 1.02 million yuan, and 288 sets of Extreme Limited Editions are launched. The pre-sale price is 1,097,600 yuan, which is very popular among consumers. With the shock of Pride Q8 coming on the market, the extreme sports documentary series "The journey of ultimate challenge", which is titled by Toutiao, Ixigua, OXSTUDIO Bull Extreme Sports and Audi's chief title, will also be broadcast soon.

An inborn noble lineage

As the latest masterpiece of the Audi family, the Audi Q8 is the same as Lamborghini Urus and Bentley, and is made up of the latest technology from the MLB evo platform. The overall design not only created Audi's new generation of design language, but also achieved a balance between elegant sedan style and SUV practical space, and integrated the achievements of the Audi family. Its interior style is distinguished by the A8L, the style of the car has the domineering power of Q7, and the streamlined back-slip design and frameless door retain the romance of A7, reflecting the breakthrough of future aesthetics, but also showing the wildness of sports.

The latest design sound of the Audi Q series brings a sense of movement. The front face of the Audi Q8 features a mask-like octagonal air intake grille and a muscular cockpit ridgeline, a unique frameless door for the sports car, a unique coupe top line on the slip back, the wheel eyebrow line showing quattro gene, the integrated through taillight design and the addition of sports elements enhance the overall luxurious texture and youthful movement of the car.

In the interior, the central control panel with the upper and lower layers is the most outstanding design of the Audi Q8. The top 10.1-inch central control panel controls the infotainment system and navigation system, and the 8.6-inch control panel at the bottom is designed to manage comfort features such as air conditioning and ventilation.

In addition, Audi, which is nicknamed "Light Factory" by users, will not disappoint the performance of the Audi Q8. Digital daytime running lights are the first to adopt a three-dimensional design. The headlight edge consists of seven short strips and two long strips that move the visual focus outward. Audi Q8 transmissive LED rear taillights are unique at the same level. The headlights and taillights not only provide dynamic steering signals, but also flash when the doors are locked and unlocked, revealing Audi's unique features in detail.

Comfort Experience of Sports+Technology

How to evaluate the quality of the car is always inseparable from the driving performance of the car and the application of the latest technology. The Audi Q8 is a luxury flagship SUV that combines smart technology with sporty performance.

The Audi Q8 is equipped with a 360 panoramic imaging system that displays a panoramic view of the surrounding environment based on images taken by four cameras, enabling the driver to grasp the surrounding conditions in real time and ensure safe driving. Audi's Pre-Safety System Basic Edition analyzes driving conditions from a comprehensive set of vehicle assistance systems during driving and considers critical driving conditions to prepare for potential collisions. When it is detected that the vehicle is about to collide with the vehicle, pedestrian or bicycle, the system will automatically emit an audible and visual alarm message and prepare the braking system in advance, thereby effectively shortening the braking distance.

In terms of power, Audi is equipped with 2.0T and 3.0T engines, which can provide a maximum power of 250 kW, a maximum torque of 500N·m, and an acceleration time of only 6.2 seconds per 100Km. At the same time, it is also very good in fuel consumption. The matched 48 V light mixing system achieves high recovery power of up to 12 kW and 22 km/h start-stop operation, and reduces fuel consumption by 0.7L per 100Km.

In addition, the Audi Q8's quatrro is an all wheel drive with 254mm ground clearance, including up to seven driving mode options, such as all road conditions, off-road driving, lift, etc., as well as four-wheel steering and adaptive air suspension, which allow the Q8 to move between the city and the wilderness. It makes the field exploration a smooth road and the driving full of confidence to challenge the limit.

"The journey of ultimate challenge" to Show Audi Q8 Extreme Performance

In order to show the perfect extreme off-road performance of the Audi Q8, a series of extreme sports documentary "The journey of ultimate challenge" jointly produced by Toutiao, ixigua and Audi's chief name Oxstudio Bull Extreme Sports will be broadcast soon. In these shows, the Audi Q8 will cross the mountains and seas with the extreme athletes, challenging the double limits of people and nature, off-road and performance.

In the first show, the audience and the world's top kayak champions Dane and Nick are looking for waterfalls in Guangxi to challenge Asia's first transnational waterfall. In the second show, Max John Fredriksson, the world's top downhill athlete at the age of 24, who has traveled thousands of miles to explore China's hottest mountain of despair, the Flaming Mountains, to completed his extreme challenge that he has never been tried in a 10-year sports career.

For those who love extreme sports, love the natural scenery, and are curious about the Audi Q8, let us begin "The journey of ultimate challenge"in exploring the sports performance and limits of the Audi Q8.

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