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CBD Oil: When is the Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil?

Thursday, October 24, 2019 10:40 AM
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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2019 / Many studies show that cannabidiol, or CBD, can provide relief from ailments like anxiety, sleeplessness, joint pain, and headaches. While the effects of CBD oil can last quite a long time, you will get the best results by taking it at the right time of day. But what is the best time of day to take CBD oil? The truth is, the answer to this question will largely depend on which symptoms or disorders you are using it for. Fortunately, with a little bit of forethought, CBD oil can help you feel better just about every day.

When Should I Take CBD oil for Insomnia?

If you are interested in using CBD oil for trouble falling or staying asleep, then you'll obviously want to take it close to your bedtime. However, it's important that you don't wait until you're just about to go to bed. You must give the CBD oil time to be absorbed by your body and allow your own endocannabinoid system to respond.

Keep in mind that CBD oil is not intended to magically make you fall or stay asleep. It is not an intoxicant or a narcotic. Instead, CBD oil allows your own body to create the physiological circumstances that lead to sleep. For the best results, therefore, you should take the CBD oil about one hour before you are scheduled to go to sleep. This will allow your body to absorb it thoroughly, promoting a natural, lasting restfulness.

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When Should I Take CBD oil for Anxiety?

If you are dealing with anxiety, on the other hand, there is no need to take CBD oil before you go to bed. Instead, you should try consuming it about an hour before you have to deal with a stressful situation. For example, if you are struggling with social anxiety and plan to go to a party, take the CBD at least an hour before you go.

If you want to use CBD oil to help deal with the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, your best bet may be to take it in the morning before you leave your house to face the day. Since CBD oil usually lasts for about four to six hours, you may want to take an additional amount later in the day.

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When Should You Take CBD oil for Pain?

Finally, if you are taking CBD oil for physical pain, you should feel free to take it as needed. If your pain is chronic, you may experience relief by using CBD daily. If you are interested in using CBD for acute issues, such as migraine headaches, gastrointestinal flare-ups, or short-term discomfort from an injury, take the CBD oil only when you're experiencing symptoms. If you have a chronic illness that is caused by inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis, you will want to come up with a daily schedule that allows you to receive the consistent benefits of CBD oil without unwanted sleepiness.

CBD is often very helpful for people who are dealing with ongoing, treatment-resistant pain, but, of course, you should not simply substitute it for professional medical care. Talk to your doctor about how CBD can be integrated in your overall treatment plan. Now, more than ever, members of the medical profession are realizing how useful CBD can be as one tool in your pain-relief toolbox.

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How Often Should I Take CBD oil?

The effects of CBD oil usually last for about four to six hours, although some people find that it lasts even longer. If necessary, you can take more CBD as the day goes on, but be sure to pay attention to how you are feeling. Although CBD oil is not psychoactive, your personal body chemistry, including your endocannabinoid system, is unique, which means that CBD oil will have slightly different effects for different people. It's a good idea to experiment will the CBD oil safely at home until you find a schedule and amount that works best for you and your body.

With a little time, you will be able to find the right schedule for your own CBD oil usage. No matter what symptoms or illness you are treating, keeping a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle can help you to heal. For many people, CBD oil provides the additional relief that they have been looking for, allowing them to live their best life 24 hours a day.

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