Holly Cagle: An Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Author of Young & Bold
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Holly Cagle: An Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Author of Young & Bold

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 12:30 PM
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HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 9, 2019 / The well acclaimed and much loved book Young and Bold has been authored by Holly Cagle. Apart from being the author of the best-selling book she is one of the most dynamic, versatile entrepreneur, model, and motivational speaker.

She has graduated in journalism and has specialization in creative writing. She has experience of working in many event coordination companies and CBS radio. She has experience of having worked as a journalist as well.

Jack of All:

Holly has experience in varied fields and has proved her worth everywhere. She worked successfully in the fields of marketing, event planning, public relations, and philanthropy. A travel enthusiast and has a special love for Italy and France. Born and raised in Texas, Holly desires to relocate to New York City. She is an accomplished creative writer and an avid reader for years. She has a huge collection of books.

Feathers in the Hat:

When she started her studies she penned her first novel for young adults, Young and Bold. She is also publishing two podcasts, Nice News Daily and Let's Be Real. She is also writing a memoir. The memoir consists of her life experiences and moments that shaped her. The collection consists of all those things that have made her what she is. The events are small but their impact has been huge in framing her and her life.

The Sequel of Young and Bold:

She is penning the memoir and has her hands full with many other things but this surely does not imply that the Class Favorites series will be shelved. She has plans to write three more books in the series and introduce a few characters with depth along with the old ones. She is a very realistic author and this where her charm lies. The real people that she knows in her life and by the way they have interacted with her inspire the characters that she portrays in her books.

The Passion that constitutes her:

She has thirst for knowledge and experience and this made her a passionate reader. From the University of Houston, she is a graduate in journalism and creative writing. She has inspired many programs for teenagers like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek and Party of Five.

Holly Cagle was the first one to introduce adolescent fiction in a very innovative yet realistic manner. She strives to focus on the aspect that there is nothing like perfect in real, and if it is perfect then it is not real for sure. The beauty that lies in her "imperfect" characters draws all towards her as masses can relate with her.

Compassion towards all:

At a very young age, she got to taste the bitter experience of life. During her third year in college, her boyfriend died in a car accident. She was deeply affected by his death, yet she showed up with the brave face. She used her words to calm her pain. She was in an abusive relationship and this affected her. Yet the positive thing was that she proved to be the alpha woman and fought against the odds. This was the beginning of her spiritual journey. Her life was no bed of roses yet she was determined to stay strong and create an impact on others.

Change is the only constant:

Though she has proved her and is one of the finest people one will come across, yet she diligently tries to be the best version of herself. She tries to do what she can do for her loved ones and become a channel of support and love for all. She is dedicated to achieving her goals in life and this is the key to her success. She has a legacy of artists and musicians in her family; her father is a prominent figure in the music industry. She studied in private school till eighth grade, and then transferred to public school to get access to more visibility.

Holly always wanted to be an inspiration for men and women across the globe. Specifically, she focuses on teenagers and their teenage issues. She believes that life throws challenges on you but it is on you as to how react on them. You decide to see them as a learning opportunities and growing with your experience.

Contact Info:
Name: Holly Cagle
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.class-favorites.com
Organization: Class-Favorites

SOURCE: Class-Favorites

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