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Natural Cycles CEO explains company's pioneering mission

Thursday, 03 October 2019 03:15 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2019 / Elina Berglund, CEO and co-founder of Natural Cycles, provides a behind the scenes look at the underlying mission driving the business and birth control app.

Natural Cycles is the first and only birth control app available in the United States and Europe, pioneering, as a result, the currently growing digital contraceptive landscape. In August 2018, the company was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and, since then, has been heavily focused on increasing its U.S. user base. Co-founder and CEO of the organization, based between New York City and Stockholm, Sweden, Elina Berglund provides a closer look at Natural Cycles' pioneering mission.

Natural Cycles was founded by Elina Berglund and her partner, Raoul Scherwitzl, after the couple set out to find an effective method of birth control which was non-invasive and hormone-free. "Our mission is to pioneer women's health by providing every woman with the knowledge which she needs to be in charge of her health," explains Berglund. "At Natural Cycles, we're a team of over 25 different nationalities, working across five countries and two continents," she adds.

"Furthermore," Berglund continues, "we have an overall gender diversity of 30/70, and over 50 percent women working with technology in our R&D department."

Berglund goes on to reveal that, at Natural Cycles, the team has been through some tough times as pioneers in the digital contraceptive space. "We have, however, proven that our method works, and that it can be counted on as an option among others in the contraceptive landscape," adds the Natural Cycles CEO.

The Natural Cycles app, the company claims, allows individuals to take contraception into their own hands. The contraceptive application is proven to be 93 percent effective with typical use, and 98 percent effective with perfect use, according to peer-reviewed clinical studies.

Still, according to Berglund, trust remains hard to build for disruptive innovations within the contraceptive landscape, and misconceptions about Natural Cycles' effectiveness still linger. "This has made our performance marketing machinery run less smoothly than a year ago," she admits.

"With that said," Berglund adds, wrapping up, "what we absolutely have in common at Natural Cycles is our passion for the product, our fighting spirit, and our love for fun."

Natural Cycles was founded by Elina Berglund and Raoul Scherwitzl, a couple who, at the time, were seeking an effective method of birth control which was non-invasive and hormone-free. Today, Natural Cycles is responsible for the first and only birth control application available for download in the United States and Europe, making the Natural Cycles app a pioneering piece of technology in the burgeoning digital contraceptive landscape.

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