Centennial VRB, Reconstructing the Global Financial and Commercial Ecology with Digital Assets
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Centennial VRB, Reconstructing the Global Financial and Commercial Ecology with Digital Assets

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 11:20 AM
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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2019 / Digital currency, led by bitcoin, has found its proper role in the current old financial system due to its highly decentralized, borderless, 24-hour free circulation and exchange features.Given the 10,000-fold increase in the value of bitcoin in a decade, the current depth and breadth of digital currency use should be ideal.

However, the bottleneck of digital currency itself has always been with us.In the decade since its birth, bitcoin has been declared "dead" hundreds of times by the mainstream media. The shadow over digital currency cannot be truly popularized until it is torn apart.

First, digital currency has several inevitable disadvantages

Digital currency has obvious advantages, but it is still unable to be popularized on a large scale. Three bottlenecks hold the throat of the development of digital currency.

  1. The policy denies it.Digital currency is born with the mission of breaking through the limitations of the inherent economic system and realizing the cross-border circulation of assets.The existence of digital currencies is at odds with the fundamental interests of the world's major economies, so no country's policy towards digital currencies is currently friendly.
  2. Technical limitations.While bitcoin trades at the rate of a few transactions per second, ethereum is limited to a few dozen transactions per second, while global financial flows process hundreds of millions of transactions per second.Low throughput is another casualty of the popularity of digital currency.
  3. Lack of ecological maturity and high learning cost for users.The circulation of digital currency requires the cooperation of professional links such as wallet, exchange, OTC, etc. It cannot be used as easily as bank transfer, and the cost of learning prevents users from trying.

Of course, these bottlenecks have slowed the spread of digital currency, but they have not stopped the eventual spread of digital currency.

Second, VRB, a pioneer in global digital asset banking

VRB is a brand-new project elaborately built by a group of elite members of the blockchain industry in five years.VRB's mission is to use blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional banking models, serve digital asset holders, and simplify the use of digital assets, thus ensuring the circulation, trading and investment management of digital currency.VRB's main businesses include digital asset depository, digital asset exchange, digital asset investment, digital asset lending and other core businesses of traditional financial institutions.

VRB makes digital currency management simple by providing a one-stop financial service for currency holders.Users keep their digital assets in VRB for security and interest.At the same time, VRB client focuses on mainstream digital currency exchange, legal currency exchange, digital asset loan and other financial services. The whole process of buying currency, holding currency, appreciation and realization can be realized in VRB digital asset bank in one step. Holding digital currency is no longer a burden.

In contrast to the traditional centralized interbank operation, the digital currency flows in VRB bank are publicly searchable.The safety of customer assets and the compliance of VRB bank itself have been improved.However, the existence of VRB digital asset bank also raised doubts on traditional financial institutions: as a better financial model, why is digital currency finance still not accepted by traditional institutions?

Third, build VRB's unique financial and commercial ecology from digital currency.

VRB is the world's first professional digital asset wealth management bank. Through triangulation trading tools, anonymous social networking, convenient services and online mall, VRB is building a closed loop of digital currency appreciation and transaction circulation.

Triangulation trading is a professional quantitative trading tool for VRB users.The existence of triangulation trading can help users to profit from the fluctuation of the market without risk, so as to realize the asset gain of making money both up and down.Objectively, it also provides a lot of liquidity for the secondary market, which doubles the experience of the whole encrypted digital currency market.

With the emergence of VRB, financial quantitative tools are no longer exclusive to a few financial executives. Ordinary users can also enjoy the wealth amplification effect brought by financial tools, which has a strong impact on the traditional financial elitism.

Blockchain social software is VRB's bold attempt on user entry and an important exploration on the expansion of digital currency application scenarios.On the one hand, VRB realized a social security product in a real sense, which was well received by users in the market.On the other hand, VRB has implanted a large number of digital currency application scenarios such as games and guessing in social software, effectively guiding small and white users to contact digital currency, which is an effective popularization channel of digital currency.

In real life, users accept the existence of digital currency without realizing it.When users get used to using digital currency in social software, daily use of digital currency is a natural thing.

VRB's convenience service and mall on the chain are basically the same, which is to build a set of usage scenarios for the final materialized application of digital currency.In VRB, TOKEN can be used to pay for air ticket purchase, hotel reservation, restaurant consumption and other real life scenes, and the application ecology is still enriched.

Social software is responsible for drainage and transformation, triangulation tools are responsible for user retention, convenience services and chain mall is responsible for the application end of chase digital currency. A set of digital currency circulation ecosystem belonging to VRB has already begun to take shape.This closed loop economic model with digital currency as the core, circumscribed the old financial order with the state as the boundary, and broke the high monopoly of the old capitalists and financial elites on the global financial market, becoming the beginning of the next generation of global financial order.

From transaction, payment to investment and financing, from asset management to commercial ecology, VRB has entered into the world financial ecology from global digital assets. It is always committed to building a century-old VRB with block chain technology and building a perfect financial ecosystem based on digital assets.

VRB, the ultimate form of digital asset banking, creates a new financial business ecosystem.

Company: VRB SDN BHD
Person: Iven Cheng
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 60182135589
AddressFabel Tower, Kuala Lumpur 51200
Web: https://www.vrb.co


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