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cloudHQ Now Offering Free eCards for Gmail

Tuesday, 01 October 2019 11:30 AM


SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2019 / cloudHQ, a San Francisco, California based information technology company is pleased to debut their brand new free eCards for Gmail. The company provides a number of email management products that integrate with Google's suite of cloud tools, along with similar items for other cloud services like Microsoft Office365.

Naomi Assaraf, Chief Marketing Officer and representative for cloudHQ says, "We're very excited to debut our new product: Free eCards for Gmail. There's a big need in the online greeting card market by accident.

"Other eCard providers have a very poor deliverability rate. Most of the time they end up in spam or worse not even get sent because their builk free services.

cloudHQ LLC, Tuesday, October 1, 2019, Press release picture

"It's an incredibly easy Chrome extension that, like all of our G Suite products, is integrated directly into Gmail. This means there's no need to go to another site to send an eCard, whoever it's sent to just needs to open their email. Everything works within Gmail."

cloudHQ's new product provides a wide range of free greeting cards like: Happy Birthday eCards, funny Christmas eCards, and many other occasions too. The product works very simply. First, the extension needs to be installed on a Google Chrome browser, which can be done at: Downloading from the Chrome store.

The second step is to log in to Gmail and start composing an email. Then personalize the eCard by selecting and editing the message before sending it out.

cloudHQ asserts that this new product has a number of features that makes eCards for Gmail stand out from its peers. In addition to their integration with Gmail, cloudHQ's eCards for Gmail has hundreds of cards for every possible occasion, every single event, and all holidays-with new eCards being added every week.

cloudHQ also offers a number of other products. One of their most popular products is the Save Emails to PDF. Assaraf explains, "Nearly 80% of all data loss is caused by human error, so even if files and emails are in the cloud, they can still be easily deleted or go missing, whether by malicious or accidental means." cloudHQ's Save Emails to PDF tool offers a way to instantly download all of one's emails, or a selection of them, into a PDF file so that they're kept safely backed up and shareable in a different location other than in Gmail.

cloudHQ also provides customers with a free meeting scheduler, which gives others a link to one's calendar availability, and they'll be able to book them for a video conference meeting, an in-person meeting, or a meeting over the phone. Assaraf says, "Trying to book a meeting can be a painful experience, and can lead to a negative first impression if it's not organized efficiently. With Meeting Scheduler for Gmail, there's no back and forth calendar guesswork, and it works directly with your Google Calendar-regardless of what the other meeting attendee is using." The company states that the cloudHQ meeting scheduler helps people get more meetings because of how intuitive it is to book one.

"People dread email sometimes and with good reason," says Naomi Assaraf, "but it can't be avoided when you're working. Most of our day is spent in email. cloudHQ creates opportunities to save time and lots of time as been dedicated to much effort to the creation of over 65 free email management tools for Gmail. Our tools are intended to make your life easier, but we've also gone one additional step-all of our tools will also increase the range of things you can do within email. You may now forward multiple emails to another email address, share entire email labels, track email opening behavior, block emails from tracking you, send email templates, and more with incredible ease."

Those who want to learn more about Free Gmail eCards by cloudHQ, and the other services can find further information on the company's website. Naomi Assaraf can be reached for further details. cloudHQ is also present on social media including Twitter and Facebook where free weekly tools are shared and other time-saving information.

For more information about cloudHQ, contact the company here:

Naomi Assaraf
[email protected]
cloudHQ LLC
2127 30th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94116


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