Relictum Pro wins "Best Blockchain Startup" at De.Days in Spain and Receives €50,000 Investment from Dr. Evan Singh Luthra and
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Relictum Pro wins "Best Blockchain Startup" at De.Days in Spain and Receives €50,000 Investment from Dr. Evan Singh Luthra and

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 11:20 AM
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Relictum Pro, the blockchain of the fifth generation has arrived!

MALLORCA, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2019 / On 24 September, Dr. Evan Singh Luthra Awarded £50,000 investment from to Relictum Pro at the De:Central days in Spain. Relictum Pro has finally developed a fully-distributed, flexible, 100% reliable electronic circulation of human life in all parameters of economic activity.

Startup Studio is an incubator fund that invests and builds the companies of tomorrow. Startup Studio Online invests with non-tech entrepreneurs who have amazing ideas but lack the technical skillset to execute. They provide investment, technology resources, marketing support and more for blockbuster ideas to come to life.

The fifth generation of blockchain is designed for government, commercial, and private activities. Relictum Pro is a smart platform of distributed registry of the latest generation which has been developed in order to formalize an individual's economic life to take out emissaries between various participants within the chain.

The blockchain 5.0 records all events like personal activities, logic, document flow, delivery, transportation, interaction with legal entities, etc. The Relictum Pro blockchain solves a lot of problems. Relictum Pro comprises of large block sizes when compared to the block sizes of other blockchains. The blockchain 5.0 supports quicker transactions while effectively organizing communication channels.

The fifth-generation platform is independent of the method used for communication. Instead, there is a node and what way the message gets delivered is not a matter of concern. The Blockchain platform 5.0 uses a unique protocol based on TCP IP, where a virtual communication channel with each node is formed over the Internet. Only Blockchain 5.0 information flows in this virtual channel, which increases the data transfer speed several times. With so much on its platter, Relictum Pro is all set to take on the world.

Relictum Pro has come up with over 20 specialist software solutions by an experienced team of programmers who work in low-level programming languages with a vast experience in the field of cryptocurrency in Delphi, C, and Pascal. The team of Relictum Pro also comprise of experienced programmers, client-server technology specialists, system specialists, mathematics analytics of Ph.D. level banking experts, and cross-platform transformation programmers.

The Relictum Pro platform uses an all-new type of network-level two grid for transport dubbed as Gipernet - a virtual circuit switching network. Moreover, the Relictum Pro platform has its personal SDK for all the platforms on dynamic libraries and API with examples for all types of programming languages such as Modula, Delphi, C, Python, etc.

Their platform's existing API protocols are HTTP or HTTP hook, which works at a low socket level themselves. Blockchain 5.0 provides working with protocols, not only SDK and API but also with its own protocol of the blockchain platform at a low level - the socket protocol which has a high degree of protection with the speed of work.

Another distinctive feature that the latest generation of blockchain brings to the tables is that they use their own data transfer methods that can transfer not only information, but also blocks, bytes, and entire files for external users. The blockchain can be used to organize external storage, for example, to organize their own data storage. Relictum Pro also has the ability to integrate third-party accounting systems, documentation, etc. into our platform.

With so much to offer, Relictum Pro is now all set to hit the blockchain space and introduce the world with Blockchain 5.0.

Various publications across the globe have labeled Evan Luthra as a blockchain expert. Evan is a young and leading entrepreneur and investor in the field of technology. Dr. Evan has spoken at 100s of conferences across the globe where he actively talks about new and emerging technologies. After constant hard work and dedication, today, Evan is a parallel entrepreneur and an angel investor guiding the path for upcoming entrepreneurs around the world.

Dr. Evan also holds an honorary Ph.D. degree for his extraordinary work and ethics in the blockchain space. All his life, Dr. Evan has been a techie. When he was 13, he had already developed multiple mobile applications that are used across the world by millions. Evan's knowledge and experience in the field of new and emerging technologies motivated Evan to come up with his own Fund 'Startup Studio'. His company has successfully developed and delivered digital solutions for significant fortune 500 companies and fast growing startups around the world.

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