Design for the benefit of mankind two grand prizes announced at 2019 DIA awards ceremony in Hangzhou, China
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Design for the benefit of mankind two grand prizes announced at 2019 DIA awards ceremony in Hangzhou, China

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 10:00 AM
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HANGZHOU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / September 23, 2019 / The fourth edition of the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) just announced the winning projects across 5 categories, and the grand prize of Overall Winner went to Open Bionics of UK for the entry Hero Arm and Hangzhou Dingdian Innovation Design Consultant of China for the entry the visual assisting glasses for the blind II, both of those designs received a hefty cash prize of 1 million RMB (approx. $145,000 USD). Besides, all shortlisted, commended, and winning projects will be part of an exhibition at the China Design Museum at the Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art from September 20 to October 18 in 2019.

"Two grand-prize projects in this year's DIA awards tell the story of humanistic care," said deputy dean of China Academy of Art and DIA judge chairman, Hang Jian."The awards reflects the current trends in industrial designs from all over the world. We celebrate the best of global designs - from electronics to home appliances, from new technologies to digital tools." said DIA committee chairman, Song Jianming.

This year, the competition received a total of 7,280 entries from more than 2000 domestic and international manufacturing entrepreneurs, high-tech start-ups, design studios and research universities, most of the entrants came from China, India, the US, Korea and Japan. The types of submission entries include physical and non- physical products in the field of transportation, health care, entertainment, social communication, household goods, and digital interaction, etc.

The DIA awards differ from most award programs primarily because of the essence of academy award. For example, the intricate and methodical judging process, which almost borders on educational, feeling like an evaluation you'd get at a design university, rather than a divided panel of judges. The annual awards program is organized by China Academy of Art and supported by Zhejiang Government.

Let's take a look at some of the excellent projects.

Hero Arm by Open Bionics by Open Bionics (United Kingdom)

There are about 5 million amputees in the world. The bionic limb industry is growing at a compound annual growth about 20%. Hero Arm is the first medical-certified 3D printing bionic hand in the world, and also the only bionic hand suitable for children under 8 years of age. Compared with traditional prosthesis, it can not only assemble and print quickly to achieve perfect pasting. In addition, it is equipped with self-developed electromyographic sensors that can vividly express hand movements. It can control finger and wrist movements. Whether it is a fragile egg or a 16-kilogram weight, it can be easily grasped or even remain still in the air, and the price is only half of the traditional prosthesis. In terms of appearance design, through cooperation with Disney and other giant companies, superhero elements are added to the arm, which is more conducive to enhance self-confidence of amputee children.

The visual assisting glasses for the blind II by Hangzhou Dingdian Innovation Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

In order to improve the way of travel and life of the blind, fill the gap in the domestic market of high-end blind visual aided glasses, The visual assisting glasses for the blind II first applied three-dimensional stereo information technology to the field of visual aids, collected images by camera, and processed image information in depth, transformed the test results into sound coding. Bone conduction headphones are used to assist the blind. Using lightweight plastic titanium fuselage and smarter chip processing center, with exclusive APP, and creating a cloud platform, we try to integrate into users' life in the fields of clothing, food, housing and transportation, so as to build a comprehensive life service ecosystem for visually impaired people.

ing by KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.Japan

Ing Chair is an office chair that developed under the concept of "free form of sitting" which means it does not prevent your body movement even when sitting. The feature function is its "Gliding Mechanism", which enable the seat glide around 360 degrees by following the body movement in any direction. Moreover, the movement of Ing Chair is very steady, it can be adjustable by body movement and different sitting postures. Through the concept of keeping body movement while sitting, the designer is trying to solve the social problem which is "long-time sitting increasing health risks".

Neolix Autonomous Driving Vehicle by Xinshiqi Hutong Technology Co., Ltd.

Minibus and electric tricycle are the main tools for terminal logistics in China . The labor cost accounted for more than 90% of the total cost. Once the high labor costs are reduced by autonomous vehicle technology, great commercial opportunity will emerge. Neolix is a platform-based and multi-functional commercial autonomous car, providing retailing, express delivery and patrol and other services in parks, campuses, industrial parks and so on. The product adopts the most advanced collision sensor and distributed computing unit to achieve the driving safely and vehicle scheduling and management accurately. In addition, it can also collect data such as vehicle cargo and surrounding environment, providing various available data for completing the business so as to meet the commercial operation requirements of unmanned vehicles in different operating scenarios.

FarmRise by Lollypop Design Studio (India)

In India, more than 50% of the population is dependent on agriculture and almost 85% of the farms are below 2 hectares. These marginal farmers often struggle with the historic obstacle of isolation and have zero access to educational, scientific information. FarmRise is a digital agriculture platformwhich empowers over a billion Indian farmers to maximize their yields & profitability by making informed operating and financial decisions. The app binds all the players of the ecosystem, provides personalized and accurate agronomy advisory based on soil condition and crop varieties, eliminates middlemen and serve as an one-stop information portal. Design assets were kept extremely light to ensure the usability under the poor internet connection.


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