Skipjack Corporation: Disrupting Emerging Markets with the new Internet, the Zetanet
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Skipjack Corporation: Disrupting Emerging Markets with the new Internet, the Zetanet

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 11:45 AM
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LONDON, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / September 11, 2019 / Limitations and boundaries lead to innovations, and innovations push the emerging market into disruption. This is what Skipjack Corporation aims to accomplish, which is to disrupt South East Asia Pacific internet industry by providing a new and better alternative; cheaper, faster, more reliable, and accessible throughout the local communities.

What does the Internet give to people? In easy words to say, its a network enabling people to send information to each other across the world, whereas information can be a text message or even finances.

What people give out in order to use the Internet? For starters, it's not free, in specific markets, the Internet is costly compared to a monthly allowance. Millions of people don't even have internet access because it's too expensive, and even if they do, it's limited. Of course, we are talking about the emerging markets and situation over there concerns not just innovators but also the authorities and governments.

What else do people give out besides money in order to use the Internet? Today data is a big thing as most of us have heard. People give out their personal information and get nothing in return. Peoples' private information is costly, and in the business world, the smart guys make billions out of it while people who give out their data don't even get any cent of commission. Giving away data for free can also cost people and damage their lives in many ways.

What can be done to resolve this? Realistically, the cost of the Internet should be lower, and it should not only include the basic access to regular internet browsing, but the fees should also include more features which currently are served by different operators and service providers. Think where the Internet, telecom operators, financial services and other services collide into one, creating a united internet platform which enables everything regardless of user's location at any time worldwide - that's the vision.

This vision also includes protection of personal data, and in any case, if the data is being used, that person will get compensated one way or another - a fair internet platform where people get their rights back and where equality takes place.

Perhaps in the first world countries, this may sound pretty basic to the majority of the people, but there are billions of people who don't have that luxury.

Already for many years, Skipjack Corporation has been developing the new internet concept and called it the Zetanet. Skipjack Corporation has been talking with Asia Pacific governments and leading corporations in the region for partnerships, serious business establishments with a goal of total market disruption.

The founder of Skipjack Corporation is not a regular man. He is a scientist, mathematician, well-accomplished entrepreneur who takes high risks and aims to build a better world where technology is more advanced than ever before.

At Skipjack Corporation, we think about other people and how our technology could improve their lives. In the beginning, we aim to enhance the Indonesian market, where hundreds of millions of people are lacking easy to use technology. We want to create a tech where not just young but also elder can use and benefit.

We are responsible for the future of people, who don't have strong enough voice to say that we need a change, and so at Skipjack Corporation, we want to stand for that voice and make it loud.

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