1irstcoin LLC: World's Leading Application for Crypto Currency Trading
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1irstcoin LLC: World's Leading Application for Crypto Currency Trading

Thursday, August 29, 2019 8:00 AM
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KUTAISSI, GEORGIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 29, 2019 / The problem with trading and acquiring cryptocurrencies is well known and always presents itself as follows:

"Where can I purchase crypto currencies safely, quickly, and easily, and above all, at a reasonable price?"

The practice turns out then with their answer mostly difficult, because users rely on several crypto currency exchanges to open a trading account, if you do not want to be ripped off. 1irstcoin has addressed this problem and innovatively solved it by applying an algorithm that scans the order books of the major crypto currency exchanges in fractions of a second while technically being able to provide our users with the crypto currencies of their choice decentralized and under a minimum of cost. In particular, we emphasize that this is a decentralized application. This means that we neither have to keep accounts for our users, or that we need to keep or accept FIAT or crypto-currencies of third parties, or hold them for third parties for the purpose of carrying out commissioned transactions. The user can carry out a so-called "single transaction" without having to open an account, or we are forced to carry out a registration. Only the payment processor carries out a so-called KYC and AML examination procedure in compliance with money laundering regulations. In any case, the user of our applications retains his assets under his own control and in his own possession.

Especially legal entities, as well as individuals, have often difficulty to finding access in cryptocurrencies. The methodology of banks and their doubters add to the rest, and in our view the progress and spread of cryptocurrencies is unstoppable. The benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies are obvious as they are readily available, tradable and exchangeable, with no opening hours 365 days a year. With over 120 different crypto currencies on offer, 1irstcoin is one of the world's most innovative financial services companies in the new crypto industry.

In the first half of 2019, we were able to win over 20,000 new users for our applications. 1irstcoin is able to reach a four-digit growth this year and our company considered profitable from day one. The own crypto currency FST (1irst) is traded on various crypto currency exchanges and was able to achieve an ROI of over 800% in 2019 for our investors and owners.

We look forward to this incredible development with our users, owners and crypto currency traders, and see ourselves as part of renewing and adapting the entire financial market.

About 1irstcoin LLC:

1irstcoin LLC is a licensed financial services company under the legal and regulatory requirements of the Freezone Kutaisi in the Republic of Georgia. The company provides financial services and products in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain-Technologies segment. 1irstcoin LLC sees itself as an exclusive financial boutique in the era of Blockchain and wants to establish itself as one of the leading addresses for private and institutional investors with innovative financial products.

Kutaissi, the 29th of August 2019


Peter Sommer
Director and Founder
1irstcoin LLC
More information under: https://www.1irstcoin.com

1irstcoin LLC
Free Industrial Zone
Avtomshenebeli 88
4600 Kutaissi
Republic of Georgia

Peter Sommer
Director 1irstcoin LLC

Investor Relation
Jenny Lam, Director Public Relation & Development
Email: [email protected]

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1irstcoin LLC
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