Omega Prime Group To Build A Financial Platform Leveraging Decentralized Technology Ecosystem

Omega Prime Group

Omega Prime Group To Build A Financial Platform Leveraging Decentralized Technology Ecosystem

Thursday, August 29, 2019 6:03 AM

Blockchain technology is no longer a small-scale niche market which only attracts private retail investors. With the continuous development and growing implementation of the technology, larger institutions started investing financially and contributing to the development of the space.

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 29, 2019 / Increasing maturity of the blockchain space has been seen with recent developments at Facebook and JP Morgan. Facebook has released a whitepaper for their much anticipated Libra project in June. Where as JP Morgan Chase has made announcement in February about an own digital currency which will be used for settlement among institutional clients and between banks. From supply chain to AI and cloud computing, blockchain technology and the decentralized finance ecosystem are clearing growing in sophistication and clout. Giving a major push to an already bull market, UK Based financial startup Omega Prime group has recently announced their plans to bring a financial technology ecosystem.

Recognizing early-on the potential of the emerging decentralized finance ecosystem, Omega Prime Group and its subsidiaries have already made important investments in the space. One such investment was the acquisition of Hashtechz, a software development company that builds AI-driven algorithmic trading bots. Hashtechz’ first product, a cryptocurrency arbitrage trading bot, has returned average profits of over 20% for its members in each of the months since launching in April according to reports.

Established in 2016, Omega Prime Group has emerged as a leading global financial technology company in a very short time. It currently has USD 100 million in assets under management, and is growing fast. In July the company presented to over 600 attendants at a fintech conference in Jeju Island, Korea.

“Given the current wave of disruption, decentralized finance lies at the core of our investment thesis,” said Justin Hale, CEO of Omega Prime Group in a speech at the conference. “Critically, we believe that by leveraging advances in AI and the proliferation of structured data, we can position ourselves as a powerhouse at the center of the De-Fi revolution. By doing so we can enable our stakeholders to profit immensely in the coming shift towards a decentralized economy.”

By utilizing blockchain, AI, digital assets, high frequency trading, and arbitrage trading, Omega Prime Group brings low risk opportunities and high returns for financial investors. The company has developed extensive product lines which conform to a wide range of investment preferences. Hashtechz, for instance, has launched nine sophisticated financial products in succession - from cryptocurrency arbitrage to binary options. These are highly iterative products that are based on extensive market research and customer feedback. They fully reflect the mission and essence that Omega Prime Group is centered on its customers.

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